Entitlements is the service that ensures a player’s ownership of a specific item that they have purchased or otherwise earned. You can use Entitlements to grant or revoke items to or from players. There are two types of entitlements, as explained below:

  • Durable items are non-stackable and permanent, meaning they do not disappear after use. Examples include game skins or unlockable characters.

  • Consumable items disappear after use, like ammo or potions. Consumables can be stackable or non-stackable; multiple stackable items will be under the same entitlement whereas multiple non-stackable items will each have their own entitlement, even if they’re identical items.

Entitlement management lets you see the entitlement history of all players or of a particular player.

What’s Next?

  • Check out the API Reference for more information about Entitlements.