Achievements are a tool developers can use to increase player engagement with their game. Recognizing players’ progress in your game and rewarding them with items or new characters not only fosters deeper enjoyment of your game but brand loyalty as well. There are two main types of achievements: incremental and non-incremental. Both of these types are explained below.

Incremental Achievements

Incremental achievements work in conjunction with our Statistics service. When a player’s stats are updated, the Achievement service checks if the conditions for any incremental achievements have been met. If the conditions for an achievement have been met the achievement will be unlocked. Here are a couple examples of incremental achievements:

  • Collect 10,000 gold In order to unlock packs of bullets, a player must collect 10,000 gold.
  • Collect 100 items To unlock the Collector trait, a player must collect 100 items.

Non-Incremental Achievements

Non-incremental achievements don’t require a goal value to be hit, and as such do not need to be integrated with the Statistics service. Here are some examples of non-incremental achievements:

  • Play your first game. To unlock a bundle of weapons, a player must play the game.
  • Kill 25 thieves in a single game. To earn their first medal, players must kill 25 thieves in a single game.

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