The AccelByte Leaderboard Service enables you to keep track of players’ scores and ranking in the game by collecting data from the Statistics service such as the number of matches played, the player’s matchmaking rating, and their experience points. The Leaderboard service will use this data to calculate each player’s rank. This service supports multiple leaderboards in one game, including a daily leaderboard for day to day player activities, a weekly leaderboard for a weekly player recap, a monthly leaderboard to record player activities every month, a seasonal leaderboard for seasonal player activities such as holiday events, and also an all-time leaderboard to record and player activities for all time. Each type of leaderboard is explained in greater detail below.

Types of Leaderboards

  • The Daily Leaderboard collects players' daily scores and ranking once the leaderboard has been created. When the leaderboard has been generated, players can start playing the game and the leaderboard service will collect their score and ranking until the daily reset time. Players have to keep playing to maintain their position on the daily leaderboard.
  • The Weekly Leaderboard is similar to the Daily Leaderboard, but player scores and rankings will be updated every week. Players have to keep playing to maintain their position on the weekly leaderboard. The Monthly Leaderboard is also similar to the Daily and Weekly Leaderboards. The player's score and ranking will be updated every month.
  • The All-Time Leaderboard doesn't have any time constraint; it will record the player’s score and ranking as long as the leaderboard exists in-game. As player scores continue to accumulate this leaderboard will be updated.
  • The Season Leaderboard runs for a specific period of time that is set when the leaderboard is created. For example, if an event is running on the 1st of May between 00:30 AM and 2:30 AM, the season leaderboard will only record the rank and score of players who took part in that particular event. Once the event is over, the leaderboard will be reset.

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