AccelByte Lobby Services include Party features to enable multiplayer play. All Party features use WebSocket to ensure smooth communication between players. Players can interact with parties in several ways, including:

  • User Party Info shows players information about their party, including the Party ID, Leader ID, and the list of Party Members.
  • Create Party allows players to create a new party that other players can join.
  • Leave Party allows players to leave a party that they have already joined. The other party members will be notified when a player leaves their party.
  • Invite Party allows players to invite their friends to join their party. Both the inviter and invitee will receive a notification when the invitation is sent.
  • Join Party allows players to join a party that they’ve been invited to join. When the player joins the party the inviter and other party members will be notified.
  • Kick Party allows party leaders to remove another player from their party.