Armada is a dynamic game server manager that can balance low hosting cost with high performance. With Armada you can have different fleets of servers for different regions, and each fleet can be made up of a mix of cloud, bare metal, and local servers. These fleets can be used to maximize your global reach while only paying for the hosting you need.

Armada offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Link multiple server providers to give your game both the responsiveness of cloud hosting and the reduced cost of bare metal machines. This also allows you to shop around for the best price, without being tied to only one hosting provider.
  • Cost-aware scaling ensures that hosting costs are taken into account when scaling up or down. When scaling up, Armada ensures the bare metal machines are filled before bursting into the cloud. And when scaling down, Armada looks for opportunities to reduce the load on the cloud machines without impacting performance.
  • Multi-region hosting for greater global coverage and better game performance across more regions. With Armada you aren’t tied to one hosting solution, which means you can make sure that your hosting providers cover each other’s blind spots.
  • Integrated Matchmaking and Lobby services provide geolocation support, so that you can match players in the same region for optimal performance. But if you have a matchmaking and lobby service you already love, we can help you integrate Armada with that instead of using ours.

If you’re interested in Early Access to Armada, we’d love to talk to you. Shoot us an email about your project to get started.