BlackBox gives developers the tools they need to analyze and repair crashes with maximum efficiency. With BlackBox, you can dynamically select which game functions to profile, and if there’s a crash you can see exactly what happened in a 10 second video recording of the game before the crash occurred. All of your crashes can be managed from our online dashboard, allowing you to quickly react to crashes and neutralize them as they happen.

BlackBox offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Crash Reporter is a comprehensive reporting system that captures a ten second video before the crash happens, then gathers the game crash data with a call stack report to show the exact line of the code that caused the crash.



  • Dynamic Instrumentation is a seamless monitoring system used to ensure that your game is performing as expected, by providing proper profiling of any functions without changing the source code. This enables game developers to measure whole functionality from front to back, to find any bottlenecks in either the development or production environment.


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