Last Updated: 6/25/2021, 8:15:44 AM

# Telemetry & Analytics

# Overview

Game Telemetry and Analytics enables developers to understand the behavior of their players and make data-driven decisions regarding game development. With AccelByte Game Telemetry and Analytics, you can access our built-in dashboard that visualizes key metrics to allow you to see what works best for your players.

Game Telemetry and Analytics offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Visualize key metrics for greater insight into your platform and your game. We monitor everything from basic Active Users, User Retention, User Revenue, and Concurrent Users, all the way to monitoring your game servers.
  • Custom events give you the power to create your own metrics based on any of our services, providing you with the exact data you need.
  • Dashboard monitoring panel that allows you to see the overall performance and the uptime of the services that you use.
  • Switchable data-warehouse for the freedom to choose the best data warehouse for your needs. Our game telemetry is ready to stream and compatible with most external visualization tools and data warehouses on the market, such as Snowflake and PowerBI. If your data warehouse uses Kafka, we can most likely work with it.