Last Updated: 8/13/2021, 7:10:24 AM

# User Account Management

# Overview

AccelByte User Account Management (UAM) provides the core security management for your backend services, to manage service access for all end users, administrators, and client applications. UAM uses the OAuth 2.0 framework for authentication and authorization, which relies on JSON web tokens (JWT) and JSON web keys (JWK) RS256 JWT token signing, and Bloom Filter encoded token revocation lists.

AccelByte UAM offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Fine-grained roles and permissions With AccelByte UAM services, you can assign individual tasks to everyone no matter their role, so that everyone has access to the tasks they need to perform. Now productivity doesn’t need to be constrained by titles.
  • Cross Platform play enabled We pave the way for players to play your game across different platforms with our account linking service. When your players link their social or gaming platform accounts to their account for our services, they'll be able to access their account in your game from whatever platform they play on.
  • Cloud-agnostic design Our services aren’t reliant on one cloud provider, so you can apply them to your game no matter what cloud hosting you use. And if you decide to move to another host, you’ll be able to take our services with you.
  • Fully containerized builds Each of our microservices are neatly wrapped in their own docker container, ensuring they behave consistently across different deployment environments.
  • Scalability We use the Kubernetes Orchestration Engine to scale our performance to meet your needs at any given moment. Our services’ performance will be optimized whether traffic is high or low, so you don’t have to worry about your players facing lag or downtime.
  • Before you can access any UAM services, you’ll need to be Authorized