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AGS 3.68.0 Release Notes

Last updated on February 27, 2024

Release date: February 12th, 2024

AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Game SDK latest version

Extend SDK (previously known as Server SDK) latest version

DSuploader latest version

  • Armada DS Uploader: 1.6.2


  • [AGS Starter] Admins can now choose any of the following default roles when inviting new users in their Studio and Game namespaces.

    • Studio Admin
      • Full access to the Studio namespace and its Game namespaces.
    • Game Admin
      • Full access to specific Game namespaces.
    • View-only
      • Read-only access to specific Game namespaces.
  • Added the following new configuration options for supporting unique display names and username disablement:

    • Unique display name: when enabled, account registrations and headless account upgrades will require an additional mandatory field of "Unique Display Name" for the user to fill in.

    • Username disablement: when enabled, usernames cannot be used to sign in; email addresses will be required instead. Public or admin search of users by username will no longer be possible.


      This option is disabled by default for existing environments. Modifying this configuration will require AccelByte (AB) Support to execute.

  • Introduced the Cloud Save Game Records time to live (TTL) feature. This feature allows game admins to set an expiration time for the Game Record and let the service automatically remove the Game Records data after the specified time.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Admin Portal

  • Fixed the issue that caused filters to not display when using long values.
  • Fixed the issue that caused adding the forward slash (/) on the Launch Argument to be converted into \/.
  • Fixed the mistranslation on the Platform Configuration
  • Implemented UI improvements on the Access Log.
  • Added a sort button to the version list table in Legal Documents.
  • Standardized the Version List table under Legal Management > Legal Document > Country specific policy.
  • Standardized the Entitlements table in a user’s details page in User management.
  • Standardized the Season Pass table.
  • Removed the Invite User button in User Management to reduce UX confusion when adding new AGS admins.
  • Displayed the latest Lobby Configuration UI for AGS Starter.
  • Added support of Friends-Only joinability features to enable players to only add their friends to join a session.
  • Fixed the issues of the Creation Date filter always decreasing by one when selecting a date in the UGC Creator menu.
  • Fixed the issue of missing game record keys from the search bar after searching records.

App Editor

  • Fixed the issue on the email validator still triggering when an admin ticks the Use external support service checkbox on the Support Submission Form widget.


  • Improved the error message that appears when a game installation fails due to missing permissions on the user's storage or folder.
  • Fixed the issue on the Settings of the Launcher installation still pointing to the previous folder even after resetting it back to default.
  • Improved the Launcher disk space checking by only detecting the disk name instead of the full path.
  • Sorted the country list dropdown alphabetically.
  • Improved the readability of Legal Website on mobile view.


  • Added error codes for each endpoint in Leaderboard API docs.



  • Fixed the issue on the session websocket message for Unreal server.
  • Fixed the issue in the AccelByte Multiplayer Servers (AMS) Session that failed to request a dedicated server.


  • Implemented gRPC pool connection.


  • Created public endpoints for blockPlayerRequest and unblockPlayerRequest.

Session Browser

  • Added cleanup mechanism for old game sessions.


  • Fixed the issue that blocked the Create Image Endpoint from checking the image existence in ECR.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Dedicated Server (DS) Uploader to run endlessly after build image success.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Dedicated Server Manager Controller (DSMC) to fail to deploy the dedicated server after changing the patch image.
  • Improved several of DSMC metrics to move to DS Probe.
  • Improved multi-deployment support for quality of service (QoS) Nomad Job.


  • Critical bug fixes for dedicated server (DS) logs and artifacts to re-enable the feature. NOTE: Fleets must be deactivated then reactivated to pick up the changes and ensure the DS artifacts are properly collected.

Game SDK

  • [UE] Improved Matchmaking Flow Recovery system.
  • [UE] Supported new parameter autoCalcEstimatedPrice
  • [UE] Implemented unique display name in API Class.
  • [UE] Implemented Seasonal Cycle type in enum.
  • [UE] Implement3e fleet command API into SDK.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue on UE SDK missing the Ext field for SectionInfo.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue on the OnlineSubsystemAccelByte module using PACKAGE_SCOPE macros incorrectly.
  • [UE][Unity] Supported Account Profile Revamp.
  • [UE][Unity] Exposed new endpoint, [POST] /iam/v3/public/namespaces/<namespace>/users/platforms, to return third-party platform information.
  • [Unity] Fixed the occasional error that occurs when running Unity using ParrelSync clones.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed Rich Presence Notification on Steam.
  • [OSS] Fixed the error that occurs when initializing PlayerAttributes SessionV2 for the first time when Platform UserID is empty.
  • [OSS] Improved the UniqueNetID for 32-digit UUID input to reduce the unnecessary decode and deserialization.