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AGS 3.69.0 Release Notes

Last updated on March 12, 2024

Release date: February 26th, 2024

AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Game SDK latest version

Extend SDK (previously known as Server SDK) latest version

DSuploader latest version

  • Armada DS Uploader: 1.6.2


  • Introduced a new feature in our Statistics service that allows game admins to choose the aggregation methods for their Global Statistics. The available options are:

    • Total: Adds up the values of all the players who have contributed to the Global Statistics.
    • Min: Shows the lowest value among all the players who have contributed to the Global Statistics.
    • Max: Shows the highest value among all the players who have contributed to the Global Statistics.
    • Last: Shows the most recent value from the last player who updated their Global Statistics.
  • [AGS Starter] Admins can now choose to create IAM Clients based on a selection of the following templates:

    • Game Client

    • Dedicated Server

    • Dedicated Server Tools

    • Custom Backend Tooling


      Choosing a template will pre-populate certain fields in the creation form accordingly.

  • Extend

    • Event Handler
      • One namespace can now support multiple Extend Event Handlers.
    • Service Extension
    • Security
      • PLUGIN_GRPC_SERVER_AUTH_ENABLED is set to true by default for all Extend Override and Service Extension sample apps. This is to encourage game developers to validate the token received from AGS and confirms that it's indeed for the Extend app.
      • PLUGIN_GRPC_SERVER_AUTH_ENABLED has been removed as it's no longer necessary.

Breaking Changes

  • [Game SDK][UE][Wallet] The Integer type implementation being changed from 32-bit to 64-bit could disrupt game integration, especially if Wallet request and response models are being used in the Blueprints implementation.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Admin Portal

  • Provided a clear UI cue for the stopped cycle in Leaderboard and also show the stopped cycle when configuring the Leaderboard.
  • The Namespace ID field on the Create Game Namespace form is now automatically generated based on the provided game name.

App Editor

  • Fixed the security issue that allowed non-super admins to inject malicious script in the App Editor.

Player Portal

  • Improved the Agreement Records menu by providing the hyperlink to the accepted legal documents to enable users to them anytime.
  • Improved the legal website by adding the capability to preview the old or legacy legal documents that were accepted by users in the past.


  • Integrated audit logs into the Leaderboard service.


  • Reverted the Amazon Web Services (AWS) refresh token behavior for generating the pre-signed URL and set the AWS refresh token interval to every five minutes. This will consistently provide the generated URL a fresh token.


  • Players will receive OnSessionJoinedSecret notification when the Auto-accept Session and Enable Secret Validation options are set to true in the Session Configuration.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented disconnected players to rejoin a session manually even when the manual rejoin flag in Session Template is set to true.
  • Session Template names now support the underscore (_) character.
  • Implemented send session secret for local AccelByte Multiplayer Servers (AMS) server.

Session Worker

  • Fixed the bug that prevented party leaders to remain the same player after they're disconnected and reconnected before exceeding the Leader Election Grace Period time set in the Session Template.


  • Fixed the bug that prevented backfill tickets from being removed when session is full.
  • Adjusted cross-platform behaviors that can be set from Match Ruleset.


  • Enabled blocklist sync from a Playstation Network (PSN) platform.

Armada (Deprecated)

  • Added Delete DSUS manifest and checksum Redis key process when deleting images.
  • Added new endpoint to clear up deployment queue: /namespaces/{namespace}/configs/deployments/{deployment}/versions/{version}/queues.
  • Added the option to intercept requests on SIGTERM signals for several Armada services (DS Probe, QoSM, etc.).


  • Fixed the bug that occurred when exporting Weekly Active Users from Dashboard, where the export result only showed one data from start date. Now, all the data based on the date range set by a user is shown.


  • [UE][Matchmaking] Implemented Notification sequence ID and number.
  • [UE][Matchmaking] Fixed out-of-order sequence numbers.
  • [UE][Matchmaking] Implemented spoofing for SessionInvited notification.
  • [UE][Friend] Implemented FRIEND Rest API.
  • [Unity] Changed the config injection from SetSDKConfig to SetABSDKConfig for Config Injection V2.
  • [UE] Implemented endpoint for Common Config.
  • [UE][Session] Updated response model in SDK to enable secret field.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue of the UE SDK StoreDisplay API mixing up the Region and Language parameters in ListActiveSectionContents function.
  • [UE][Wallet] Changed the integer type from 32-bit to 64-bit.
  • [OSS][Friends] Fixed the issue of the OSS being unable to do bulk queries of more than 100 friends.
  • [UE][OSS] Implemented handler that will manage the expiration of backfill tickets.
  • [UE][E-Commerce] Added missing field DisplayOrder in FAccelByteModelsSectionInfo.
  • [OSS][Friends] Fixed missing names on OSS Friends list.
  • [Unity] Fixed the mismatch data issue when uploading and downloading a binary.