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AGS 3.71.0 Release Notes

Last updated on April 19, 2024

Release date: March 25th, 2024

AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Game SDK latest version

Extend SDK (previously known as Server SDK) latest version

DSuploader latest version

  • Armada DS Uploader: 1.6.3


  • Introduced the Cloud Save tagging feature, which allows game admins to tag records within Cloud Save. The tags can be used as filters for more efficient management and categorization of records.
  • Introduced the Login Queue feature, which allows admins to more elegantly manage the influx of players during times of high traffic by limiting the maximum number of players logged in at the same time. For more information, see Login Queue.
  • Introduced the Configuration Migration feature, which simplifies replicating service configurations across different namespaces or environments. For more information, see Configuration Migration.

Starter highlights

  • Improved UI/UX: new sidebar navigation, embedded navigation, improved onboarding including a Getting started section.
  • Free trials: updated free trial periods to experience all of the AGS features and add-ons.
  • Introduced the AccelByte Multiplayer Servers (AMS) add-on: switch to AMS for cost-effective, developer-friendly, and intelligent dedicated server solutions.
  • Introduced the Extend add-on: allows you to write server-side code in your preferred language, hosted by AccelByte, while providing full customization and visibility.
  • Player tracing: swiftly debug player issues with real-time logs and quick bug-pinpointing for smoother game development.
  • Byte Wars namespace: Byte Wars, our official tutorial game, showcases best practices for integrating AGS into your game. Learn step by step, from offline to online, how AGS elevates game functionality for a dynamic gaming experience. See Introduction to Byte Wars.

Quality of life changes

  • Improved the Cloud Save service. It now supports event emission for Cloud Save Game Record and Admin Game Record whenever they're created, updated, or deleted. For details on the available events, see API event documentation.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Admin Portal

  • Updated the Increment field name to Increment Only on Statistics Configuration.
  • Added support for WebP image format when uploading images to Leaderboard configuration.
  • Added toast message when enabling and disabling the UGC configuration.
  • Fixed the issue of the expiration date time picker selection not working properly in the UGC Ban.
  • Added Leaderboard's overview section.
  • Added support for sorting createdAt and updatedAt in the Challenge list configuration table.
  • Fixed the sorting function for the fixed type challenge.
  • Added field placeholders for Challenge goal configurations.
  • Fixed the issue of game admins being unable to view goals of a challenge that is tied and has been started by players.
  • Fixed invalid models when admins set a challenge with no rotation type.
  • Improved the Country list dropdown to only display countries with active or published legal documents.

Login Website

  • Fixed missing tooltip for each field on the registration page.


  • Updated the internal health check library.


  • Fixed the issue of players being unable to complete the challenge goal based on achievement and user account events.

Cloud Save

  • Updated the cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configuration support on the deployment script.
  • Fixed the error message when getting bulk player records.


  • Extend SDK

    • Introduced the websocket token refresh for all Extend SDK (Go, Java, C#, and Python).
  • Extend Features

    • Image versions are now ordered by upload date on the Extend App Image Version page.
    • Extend Sample App: Fixed the issue of the Makefile getent not working on Mac operating systems (macOS).
    • Extend Service Extension:
      • Codegen CLI-generated function arguments now follow the field order defined in the Proto files.
      • The Environment variable BASE_PATH in the Extend pp cloud format has been changed into /ext-{namespace}-{app name}.


  • Updated the internal health check library.


  • Updated the CORS configuration support on the deployment script.
  • Updated the internal health check library.


  • Integrated audit logs into the UGC service.
  • Updated the CORS configuration support on the deployment script.
  • Updated the internal health check library.


  • Updated the service name from Social into Statistics on the API documentation for consistency.
  • Updated the internal health check library.
  • Improved the service migration script to solve inconsistent globalAggregationMethod values.
  • Added validation for aggregation method when setAsGlobal value is false.

Season pass

  • Added validation for Studio Namespace should not be able to create a Season Pass.
  • Updated the internal health check library.

Armada (Deprecated)

  • Added nil data check before logging into the dedicated server management controller (DSMC).
  • Improved RollServersByDeploymentsAndVersion to support case insensitivity.


  • [UE] Added GetIAPItemMapping API to Unreal SDK.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue of a user's double-login leading to mismatched party session status state.
  • [UE] Fixed the construct key implementation by using hash key to prevent the first name character limitation.
  • [UE][Session] Added the previousStatus field to the session member model.
  • [UE][Challenge] Fixed the Challenges API not being initialized.
  • [UE][OSS][Lobby] Fixed the entitlement gating issue by adding entitlement token generation and check to the lobby connection.
  • [UE][OSS][E-commerce] Added display and section setup.
  • [UE][E-Commerce] Added DebitUserWalletV2 and PaymentWithUserWallet.
  • [UE][Unity] Implemented the Challenge service.
  • [Unity] Fixed the DSHub error on the empty websocket message topic.
  • [OSS] Fixed the issue of Session member attributes not being parsed.