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Create a game namespace

Last updated on March 9, 2024


With AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS), you will use namespaces in the AGS Admin Portal to manage features, attributes, and accessibility. While a publisher namespace is what your studio will use to apply certain configurations across a portfolio of games, a game namespace is used to make configurations for one specific game. Each of your studio's games requires a game namespace.

If you have registered an AGS account already, you will have created your first game namespace as part of that process. This How-to will walk you through creating additional game namespaces in the AGS Admin Portal.

For more information about namespaces, see Namespaces under the Services section.


You will need an AGS account to gain access to the AGS Admin Portal. If you don't have one, you can create a free Starter account or reach out to your AccelByte account representative.

Create a game namespace

To make AGS configurations on a game-by-game basis, each game using AGS requires a game namespace. Follow these steps to create a game namespace in the AGS Admin Portal.

  1. Log in to your AGS Admin Portal.
  2. Ensure you're on the Your Titles page that shows all of your namespaces (YOUR STUDIO and GAMES, no sidebar).
    1. If you're not on the Your Titles page and are instead inside of a namespace (the sidebar is visible), click the dropdown in the upper-left corner under NAMESPACE.
    2. Click Title Settings to be taken to the Your Titles page.
  3. On the Your Titles page, click + CREATE NEW located next to the GAMES section.
  4. On the New Game Setup page, enter the following information for your game:
    1. Game Name: The official title of your game.
    2. Game Title ID: An ID for your game to use for data and configuration purposes (e.g., URL names or code implementation). It is automatically generated from your Game Name into a compatible format (e.g., spaces removed). :::warning While you can change your Game Name later, your generated Game Title ID cannot be changed after completing this form. :::

Your game namespace has been created and you've been redirected to it in the Admin Portal.

What's next?

For more information about namespaces, see Namespaces under the Services section.