Last Updated: 6/21/2021, 12:02:38 PM

# Introduction to AccelByte Services

# Overview

Welcome to AccelByte! We provide backend services ranging from identity and account management, to social features such as party, chat, and matchmaking, to premium dynamic server managers and crash reporters.

We offer several competitive advantages that we believe set us apart. Here at AccelByte, we are:

  • Cross-platform ready We believe that cross-platform play is the way of the future. Our services are built with this principle in mind, so when you sign up with us we’ll be ready to help you increase player engagement and build a stronger fan community for your game.
  • Served buffet style Our services are packaged as discrete microservices, so they all work independently. This means you can use just the services you need, and leave the rest. You can also combine our services with any in-house features you’ve already developed, so for example you can combine our lobby services with your own matchmaking logic.
  • Giving you control Your game and player data are yours, always: your entire stack is hosted under its own sub-account, to which we’ll hand you the keys whenever you make it big and decide to go solo.
  • Single tenant Since each game we provide services to is hosted under its own account, there’s no risk of one game’s performance or traffic affecting another’s.
  • Endlessly customizable We’re always here to help create unique solutions for your unique games. Our services work great out of the box, but can also be tweaked to meet any challenges you may have.

Our services are compatible with both Unity and Unreal Engine 4. We also have an SDK for each of these engines, which can help your game access our services easily. You can download our SDKs here.

# Services Offered

The table below contains a list of the services we provide and what functionalities they include.

Service Function
UAM Helps you manage access to your game for all users, admins, and clients. With UAM, you can authorize and authenticate clients to connect to your game, add roles and permissions to different users, and manage player bans.
Commerce Helps you manage both in-game and out of game transactions. You can catalog items for sale both in your game and player portal, give players wallets to store real or in-game currency, and manage orders and entitlements.
Profile, Stats & Cloud Save Helps you customize player profiles, manage their statistics and ranking, and manage how arbitrary data is stored, including player and game data.
Lobby & Matchmaking Helps you create lobbies for your players to interact in and set up matchmaking for your game. You can connect players in a lobby using chat and presence features and create custom matchmaking rules, including flex rules which allow for faster matchmaking when ideal pairings aren’t immediately available.
Social Helps your players interact to deepen their engagement with your game. You can create a friends system, enable chat between friends or party members, and manage player presence. You can also create leaderboards and achievements to reward your players for their effort, and create notifications for players.
Augment Helps you write new logic to extend and customize our services even further. With Augment, you can write code to trigger unique actions when certain events occur. Early access now available, please contact us for details.
Player Portal, Launcher & Patcher Helps you publish and distribute your own game. You can create both a website and application for users to purchase and play your game, integrate their 3rd party accounts, and contact your support team. With Patcher, you can also deploy game updates and improvements.
Telemetry & Analytics Helps you measure and visualize game metrics and player data. You can create custom events to collect the exact data you need and use our dashboard to monitor game uptime and performance.
Armada Armada is our dynamic server manager, which links multiple server providers and combines bare metal and cloud solutions to maximize performance while minimizing cost. Armada includes cost aware scaling rules and global distribution of hosting, to ensure that your game has the widest reach possible without over hosting. Armada is a premium service. If you’re interested in Armada, please contact us.
BlackBox BlackBox is a set of tools that allow you to see and analyze crashes as they happen, allowing you to quickly resolve the underlying issue. BlackBox comes with Crash Reporter, which provides you with a ten second video taken before a crash occurred. It also includes Dynamic Instrumentation, which allows you to monitor game performance by providing profiling of any functions without changing your game’s source code. BlackBox is a premium service. If you’re interested in BlackBox, please contact us.