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Last Updated: 1/16/2023, 8:58:58 AM

# Customization Overview

# Overview

The AccelByte Customization services include server-side SDKs that allow you to develop your own services to use our platform in unique ways. New services can be created for example to provide daily login rewards, or to provide other functionalities our platform doesn’t yet support.

We currently offer server-side SDKs for Golang, Python, .NET (C#), and Java.

The AccelByte Customization services offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Create great tools for great development Our server-side SDKs empower you to create custom tools to enable the development workflow that works best for your studio. For example, you can write a Python script from your CI/CD to bulk create users with specific entitlements, wallet balance, user stats, or even with cloud save data.
  • Seamlessly integrate our tech with yours You can use our server-side SDKs to connect our platform to your own, giving you complete control over player data and experience. For example, you can create a web portal that shows your players their User Generated Content or inventory, or perform your own verification of players’ access tokens to our IAM service to make sure players can access certain services within the game.
  • Stretch our services even further You can easily create functions to extend our services in new ways, like extending our Matchmaking service to support asymmetric team composition.