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Last Updated: 9/21/2022, 9:17:15 PM

# Social Overview

# Overview

AccelByte Cloud’s Social service gives you the tools to help your players connect and build a community within your game. Features such as Chat (opens new window) and Friends (opens new window) enable players to forge social connections that not only make your game more meaningful, but also more fun.

AccelByte Cloud’s Social service offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Real-time notifications We use WebSocket (opens new window) to ensure that communication between the game and players is smooth and instant. Our services are designed to keep all players connected to the same hub, making social connections easy.

  • More fun playing together Features such as Parties (opens new window), Friends (opens new window), and Groups (opens new window) bring multiplayer games to life. We offer a robust set of services that make it easy for your players to connect and play together.

  • Keep players safe from harassment Your players can block other players to prevent interactions, with these blocks carried through our Social (opens new window) and Play (opens new window) services. This ensures that your players can focus on enjoying your game without having to worry about negative interactions with other players.