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Last Updated: 5/9/2022, 3:24:30 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.17.0

# Release Date: March 1st, 2022

  • Current UE4 SDK Version: 8.6.0
  • Current Unity SDK Version: 8.7.0

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.17.0:

# Highlights

# Quality of Life Changes

  • Season Items Now Always Durable

    Previously, Season item entitlements could be set as durable or consumable. Now, Season items are always durable.

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed issues regarding non-functional Matchmaking Ban features.
  • Fixed issues in the Matchmaking Ruleset by limiting the Sub-Game Mode name to 64 characters to improve loading times, fixing Sub-Game Mode name editing issues, fixing duplicate naming issues in the Optional Parameters, and fixing empty deployment dropdowns when creating a new ruleset in the publisher namespace.
  • Fixed issues in the Dedicated Server Manager Configuration section including missing error validations, linking issues, and port selection issues when creating a new server configuration.
  • UI improvements made to the Log Viewer, Dedicated Server Manager Configuration, Override Deployment, and Catalog sections.