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Last Updated: 8/30/2021, 7:44:53 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.2.0

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.2.0:

# Commerce Service Updates

  • Removed Multiple Draft Stores for More Streamlined Catalog Management

    Previously, our Catalog service allowed you to have multiple unpublished, or draft, stores. This had the tradeoff of causing conflicts when catalog items weren’t consistently updated across all draft stores. Now, each namespace can only have one draft store and one published store. This should make updating the items in your store quicker and easier than ever. Related changes include:

    • Removed the Clone action from draft stores
    • Renamed the Clone action to Clone to Draft
    • The Create Draft Store button will now only appear when a draft store doesn’t yet exist in the active namespace
  • New Item Properties for Greater Control of Your Store

    To help provide the same functionality that was possible with multiple draft stores, we’ve given catalog items new properties. These new properties are:

    • Visible in store allows you to choose whether or not an item is visible in the published store
    • Purchasable in store allows you to choose whether or not an item is purchasable in the published store

# More Specific Rewards Notifications

We’ve changed the notification players receive when they earn a reward as part of an achievement to specifically mention that the reward is part of the achievement. Now when a player earns a reward, the game client receives a notification that includes a reward code. The game client can then call the new Get Reward by Code endpoint GET /public/namespaces/{namespace}/rewards/byCode (opens new window) and include the reward code to get a more detailed reward notification for the player.

# New Get and Set User’s Lobby Session Attribute APIs

With Cloud 3.2.0, our Lobby service now has APIs for both game clients and servers to get and set session attributes. The Lobby service now provides WebSocket APIs to get and set session attributes from the game client, as well as REST APIs to get and set session attributes from the game server. This gives you more flexibility in how your game manages sessions.

  • Leaderboard Service Enhancements for Greater Efficiency

    We’ve separated our leaderboard service into two different deployments, to increase efficiency and reliability. The second Leaderboard service is marked as a worker, and only starts or resets leaderboards without calling the REST API. For this second Leaderboard service, the environment variable WORKER_ONLY_MODE is set to TRUE.

# Bug Fixes and Other Feature Enhancements

  • Fixed a bug where players weren’t automatically registered to a party, making them unable to participate in matchmaking.
  • Fixed a bug where the Revoke User endpoint wasn’t called when a user deletion request was submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where stores translated into Chinese could not be published.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not unblock other players.
  • Fixed an issue where admins were unable to set the default deployment from the image version details.