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Last Updated: 5/9/2022, 3:24:30 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.21.0

# Release Date: April 25th, 2022

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.21.0:

# Highlights

  • OpenID Connect Support

    You can now connect third-party platforms to AccelByte’s services using OpenID Connect (opens new window).

  • New Analytics Metric: Weekly Active Users

    We’ve added a new metric to the Analytics Dashboard which allows you to view Weekly Active Users data.

  • Export Analytics Data: Total CCU/Hours

    You can now export Total CCU/Hours data in .csv format.

  • List Wallet Transactions by Currency Code

    You can now use an API to list wallet transactions by currency code.

# Quality of Life Changes

# Breaking Changes

  • Wildcard Security Improvement

    Previously, the wildcard (*) in permissions such as NAMESPACE:*:USER:* (after the USER tag) would match all permissions that started with NAMESPACE:*:USER:* (e.g., NAMESPACE:*:USER:*:ITEM).

    Now, the first wildcard (*) after USER will match any namespace or user, but not any resource. If you want to match resources after USER, you must now put a second wildcard (*) into your permission, e.g., NAMESPACE:*:USER:*:​*.


    All permissions under your default roles and OAuth clients will automatically follow this rule after this change is released. If you have permission configurations under customized roles, you will need to reconfigure these roles for them to work properly.

  • Disabling Analytics Testing Mode

    Analytics testing mode will be disabled in the Admin Portal and will only be available by request, effective 25 April 2022. Contact us for further information.

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes