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Last Updated: 11/3/2021, 7:46:23 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.3.0

# Release Date: August 17, 2021

Current UE4 SDK Version: 4.0.1

Current Unity SDK Version: 5.0.0

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.3.0:

  • New Season Pass Service Drives Player Engagement

    Season Pass is a new service that provides a tiered reward structure that is tied to a player’s daily participation in challenges to earn special rewards. As a player earns XP in the challenge, they will unlock tiers and get to claim rewards. The player can also purchase premium passes, increasing the number of rewards they can claim as they unlock tiers.

    The in-game Season Pass experience will be managed by the game client, which will retrieve a season’s structured data through the SDK that can then be cached for the player.

    Management of season passes will be performed through AccelByte’s Admin Portal, allowing an admin to create seasons and their associated passes and tiers, including the in-game currency cost to purchase premium passes. The admin can also associate store items to rewards that a player can unlock and then claim for each pass or tier.

  • More Granular DSM Configurations for More Flexible Hosting Coverage

    With AccelByte Cloud 3.3, you can now uniquely configure your game server’s scaling behavior for each region your hosting covers. This can help you uniquely tailor your DSM coverage for regions with unusually high or low numbers of players.

  • Dynamic DSM Buffer Count for Smarter Scaling

    The new dynamic buffer count option allows you to set the buffer count as a percentage of busy servers, rather than a static value. For example, if your buffer count is 50% and you have two busy servers, one buffer server will be spun up. If the number of busy servers increases to twenty, the number of buffer servers will increase to ten.

  • Save Space By Archiving Leaderboard Data

    If your game has a lot of leaderboards, saving all of your old leaderboard data can take up a lot of space. In AccelByte Cloud 3.3, we’ve introduced a new option to take a snapshot of a leaderboard to save. A snapshot includes the first 1,000 records in the leaderboard, which allows you to reduce the amount of space old leaderboard data takes up without deleting it completely.

  • Ban Players from Matchmaking

    Now you can ban players from participating in matchmaking. For more information about user bans, see our newly updated User Bans documentation.

  • Matchmaking Now Respects Player Blocks

    Our Matchmaking service now respects player blocks, so players won’t be matched with any players they have blocked.

  • Azure Active Directory SAML Login Support

    SAML support enables users to login or authenticate to the AccelByte Admin Portal using Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials. That means you won’t need to create new AccelByte accounts to use our platform if you already use Microsoft as your company account provider.

# Bug Fixes and Other Feature Enhancements

  • Fixed an issue in the DSM configuration where the Override feature in the default deployment was disabled when a user changed the default image version.
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded files would be unintentionally overwritten.
  • Fixed an error that occurred where the active menu was not the actual selected menu.
  • Fixed an error where users were redirected to an unexpected page after clicking Cancel on the IAM Input Validation page.
  • Fixed an issue where users occasionally couldn’t open other menus from the Analytics Dashboard.