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Last Updated: 11/9/2022, 6:21:51 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.30.5

# Release Date: September 8th, 2022

Client-Side SDK Latest Version:

Server-Side SDK Latest Version:

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.30.5:

# Highlights

  • Configure 3rd-Party Login Method for Discord

    You can now configure Discord logins through the Admin Portal.

# Quality of Life Changes

# Breaking Changes

  • Golang: Store Method's Parameter Has Changed in TokenRepository Interface

    • Before: Store(accessToken iamclientmodels.OauthmodelTokenResponseV3)
    • After: Store(accessToken interface{}) error

    For the implementation details, please refer to the migration guide (opens new window).

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • New UI in the Historical Logs and Season Pass pages.
  • AccelByte Cloud is now running in line with Netflix's latest update (opens new window). You can now use PlayerId as the unique identifier for Netflix Accounts (previously used Sub).
  • Fixed an issue in the Launcher where players could purchase a game but were unable to access it for gameplay.
  • Fixed various functional issues in the following: Upload Image Patch, App Editor, Player Portal, E-commerce, Group Management, and Reporting and Moderation.