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Last Updated: 9/14/2022, 2:32:21 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.31.0

# Release Date: September 12th, 2022

Client-Side SDK Latest Version:

Server-Side SDK Latest Version:

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.31.0:

# Highlights

# Quality of Life Changes

# Breaking Changes

  • In Armada, the value 0 is now recognized as meaning “no server” instead of “unlimited servers” in the Max. Deployment configuration.

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • You can now see if an item has been sold using a custom price on the Order Details page.
  • You can now choose an unlimited count for the Max. Deployment configuration in Armada.
  • Fixed functional issues in Matchmaking.
  • Fixed a number of UI and functional issues in the App Editor, Launcher, and Player Portal.
  • Fixed and streamlined some functionalities on the Season Pass page.
  • Fixed issues where information wasn’t displaying on the Payment Configuration, Session, and Party pages.