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Last Updated: 11/10/2022, 4:38:19 AM

# AccelByte Cloud 3.34.0

# Release Date: October 24th, 2022

Client-Side SDK Latest Version:

Server-Side SDK Latest Version:

Here’s a look at what’s new in AccelByte Cloud 3.34.0:

# Highlights

  • Implement Flexing Roles in Game Modes

    You can now configure flexing roles in a game mode, giving you greater control over how your game handles matchmaking between players. This will improve matchmaking times in your game, meaning less waiting and more playing!

  • Player Portal Footer Configuration

    You can now customize your Player Portal’s footer using the App Editor.

# Quality of Life Changes

  • Set Expiration Time for Access and Refresh Tokens

    You can now set the expiration times for Access and Refresh Tokens for IAM Clients in the Admin Portal.

  • Turn Manager Generates Secret for Each User

    You can now use the Turn Manager to generate a secret for each individual user. The generated secret can also be used in the Turn Server.

  • Configure Role-Based Matchmaking in the Admin Portal

    You can now configure role-based matchmaking in the Admin Portal, allowing you to refine how your players are matched together.

  • Added Authentication to MSK

    We now support Kafka SCRAM authentication which can be activated via environment variables. Cloud will continue to use non-authenticated mode by default.

# Breaking Changes

  • Golang: ConvertInterfaceToModel utils is reducing its required parameter. You can make your own utils to convert the model or using the existing one

    • Before: ConvertInterfaceToModel has 2 parameters and using global variable.
    • After: ConvertInterfaceToModel is only need one parameter.

    For the implementation details, please refer to the migration guide (opens new window).

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed functional issues in the App Editor, Player Portal, Launcher, Armada, Dedicated Server Manager, Session Browser, IAM Input Validation, and Unreal Engine OSS. Also fixed and improved issues in Matchmaking, Multiplayer V2, E-commerce, Telemetry, and Legal services.
  • Fixed login and 3rd-party account linking issues and improved account security.
  • Improved the UI for Item Mapping.
  • You can now search for UGC content by Content ID or User ID in the Admin Portal.
  • Added a server status filter to the Historical Logs page.