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Last Updated: 5/10/2023, 1:15:28 AM

# AGS Release Notes 3.46.0

# Release Date: May, 2023

Client-side SDK latest version:

Server-side SDK latest version:

DSuploader latest version:

Here's a look at what's new in AccelByte Gaming Services 3.46.0:

# Highlights

  • Introducing new cycle in statistic feature.
    • You can now configure a cycle in statistics feature for seasonal statistic.
  • Introducing the SDK Achievement OSS Interface.
    • You can now use Achievement feature with AccelByte Cloud OSS
  • Twitch Drop Integration is now added for the APT Player Portal. The release includes:
    • Added new page in Player Portal to show the Twitch Drop page
    • Added new configuration in App Editor to configure the Twitch Drop page in Player Portal
    • Twitch Drop integration supports single & multiple games claim rewards
    • Added Twitch Drop widgets to the Web SDK Playground
  • Introducing the ability to support uploads of HTML files in Legal Documents.
    • Including the ability to edit the HTML document directly on the Admin Portal, in real-time.

# Quality of Life Changes

  • Introducing admin utility endpoint to hard delete leaderboard and it's data.
  • Improving reward configuration in the admin portal to be able to sort the list of reward configuration data.
  • Implement a query to get player records size on SDK.
  • Improve UGC admin endpoint to be able to set content shareCode and Channel ID.
  • Improvements to the _Revocation _feature in the Admin Portal.
    • Added support for the ability to utilize custom Revocation rules/strategies using a gRPC solution.
    • Added support for the ability to revoke consumable entitlements.
  • New API endpoint (/platform/apidocs/#/Entitlement/revokeAllEntitlements) to revoke ALL entitlements of a user, by namespace & userId.

# Breaking Changes

  • No breaking changes

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fix the Leaderboard calculation to be consistent with the statistic update strategy. The value displayed in the Leaderboard will match the user statistics value and the initial value for the incremental leaderboard will use the statistics default value after reset.
  • Fix all issues related to Admin Portal "View Only" Role on UGC, CloudSave, Statistic, Achievement and Group.
  • Fixed Admin Portal in Refund order will result in as Zod error
  • Fixed Click +Add New button on Pricing at Store Detail or accessing Game Record will make Admin Portal crash
  • Fixed Admin Portal in Stores that the existing and newly uploaded Images or Youtube URLs aren't displayed in publishing content section
  • Fixed minor bugs in Web SDK Playground
  • Improved 3rd Party Account Unlinking Message Clarity
  • Renamed Privacy Records to Legal Agreements
  • Unreal OSS Bug Fixes for resuming from breakpoints while debugging and reading friend's list when no friend is present in the list
  • Additional response values to the following API endpoints:
    • /platform/apidocs/#/Fulfillment/publicRedeemCode
  • name under entitlementSummaries
  • currencyCode under creditSummaries
    • /platform/apidocs/#/Fulfillment/redeemCode
      • name under entitlementSummaries
      • currencyCode under creditSummaries