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Last Updated: 5/11/2023, 2:52:46 AM

# AGS Release Notes 3.48.0

# Release Date: May 8th, 2023

Client-side SDK latest version:

Server-side SDK latest version:

DSuploader latest version:

Here's a look at what's new in AccelByte Gaming Services 3.48.0:

# Highlights

  • App Distribution with Ant Design is released. The release includes:
    • A new look and feel for App Distribution UI using Ant Design
    • App Distribution support bulk delete option
    • App Distribution support multiple filters
  • Added Page Title configuration on App Editor. The release includes:
    • Added ability to configure Player Portal, Login, and Legal page title from the general setting
  • Introducing new API endpoints to support the ability to make bulk actions related to Entitlements & Wallets (i.e. query/grant/revoke Entitlements or debit/credit Currencies) via API calls.
    • Admin Bulk Credit Currency: /platform/apidocs/#/Wallet/bulkCredit
    • Admin Bulk Debit Currency: /platform/apidocs/#/Wallet/bulkDebit
    • Admin Query Entitlements: /platform/apidocs/#/Entitlement/queryEntitlements_1
    • Admin Bulk Grant Entitlements: /platform/apidocs/#/Entitlement/grantEntitlements
    • Admin Bulk Revoke Entitlements: /platform/apidocs/#/Entitlement/revokeEntitlements
  • Introducing the ability to label an item as 'Section-Exclusive' (can only be purchased when assigned to a section on a Store Display), on the Admin Portal draft store configuration.
  • Achievement configuration support additional custom attributes
    • You can now store additional custom attributes for a specific achievement configuration to give more extra information about the achievement.
  • Social service support retrieving additional data
    • You can now retrieving additional data stored in social service.
  • Introducing new leaderboard version, it is now supported on Unreal.
    • Business logic are now handled by Social service. You can now flexibly choose the leaderboard cycle based on the available cycle on Statistic. Leaderboard calculation logic is adjusted to follow the statistic cycle chosen. The old leaderboard and the new leaderboard can still be used side by side, however we encourage you to utilize the new leaderboard to take advantage of its improvements.
  • Introducing Session history v2
    • You can now able to see the historical timeline on a session
  • Introducing region expansion configuration through the endpoint (not exposed in the admin portal yet)
  • Introducing First party platform friends and session integration
  • AccelByte Unreal Engine SDK leaderboard revamp

# Quality of Life Changes

  • Leaderboard service hard delete improvement to clean up redis reset queue.
  • Introducing table limit selection in the Admin portal Game Records page so that admin can select number of Game Records to be displayed.
  • Chat history for Mutliplayer v2 is deprecated
  • Improvement of rebalancing for backfill in the Multiplayer v1 and Multiplayer v2
  • Multiplayer v1 matchmaking queue time exposed

# Breaking Changes

  • No breaking changes

# Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed in Login Website where Age restriction checkbox still appears and is mandatory when the user disabled Age Restriction from AP
  • Fixed in App Editor where Session Expired token won't appear if login token was expired on the App Editor sections
  • Creating a Media Item Type without filling in the 'Required Game' field will prevent the item from being saved, despite the 'Required Game' field being optional.
  • Editing a Store Display/Section will result in an "Please correct the errors in the form to proceed" error message when there is an Item with an empty SKU.
  • Improve user experience when add an Achievement config by removing auto focus from Additional fields when open Add Achievement modal.
  • Change html content-type to application/octet-stream in Admin Portal UGC to prevent auto render HTML files.
  • Fix the additionalData that is not updated and omitted from the response in leaderboard service.
  • Fix list of available cycles that are not visible after updating the cycle in leaderboard configuration.
  • Fix Take a snapshot option missing from Delete leaderboard modal.
  • Fix unable to edit the time in the filter in session and parties page
  • Fix analytic dashboard export csv file output to be able open in default window file manager
  • Fix missing include headers in Unreal Engine SDK and AccelByte OnlineSubsystem when shared precompiled headers are disabled.
  • Updated REGEX_OPTIONAL_PORT in Unreal Engine SDK to be 5 digits.
  • Fix for BulkGetUserPresence in Unreal Engine SDK and AccelByte OnlineSubsystem throwing errors when querying with a lot of User IDs that are over the URL length limit.
  • Fix Unity SDK issue with empty config values.
  • Various fixes to the Unity SDK User and OAuth API.
  • Fix Unity SDK MultiRegistry User API access.
  • Moved Unity SDK requests tasks to Unity main thread.
  • Removed Unity SDK deprecated Xbox 360 platform from config.