AccelByte SDK API Documentation  2.0.0-beta
Getting Started



  1. Download the whole repository.
  2. Create a file named AccelByteSDKConfig.json and add it to *Assets* directory. Fill the PublisherNamespace, ClientId, ClientSecret, Namespace and AppId(app namespace), BaseUrl, and RedirectUri according to your own. Here's the content of the json file:
  1. Copy whole Assets/**AccelByte** folder from the repository that has been downloaded and add it to your project in the Assets directory.
  2. If you need other functionalities, e.g. Steamworks, Xsolla, Oculus, embedded browser; you can include this whole repository to your project because we already provide those plugin/package here.

Using The SDK

At first, you need to import AccelByte namespaces:

using AccelByte.Api;
using AccelByte.Models;
using AccelByte.Core;

After that, you can freely uses AccelByte SDK. Please see tutorial on how to use AccelByte SDK.