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AGS interfaces and SDKs

Last updated on June 3, 2024

This page outlines the various interfaces for AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS). This includes Software Developer Kits (SDKs), REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), gRPCs, the AGS Online Subsystem (OSS), and any other means to programmatically interact with AGS.


Client-side SDKs

  • AGS Game SDK Unreal: AccelByte Unreal SDK is a plugin for Unreal Engine that allows you to integrate AGS into your game. This SDK uses C++.
  • AGS Game SDK Unity: The Unity SDK acts as a bridge between your game and AGS, making those services easy to access. This SDK uses C#.
  • AGS Unreal Network Utility: AccelByteNetworkUtilities provides network utilities in Unreal Engine 4. Currently it contains an Interactive Connectivity Establishment connection for multiplayer client/server games. This plugin is used as a submodule of AccelByteOSS.
  • AGS Unity Network Utility: This plugin consists of a NetworkTransport layer that allows your Unity game to enable peer-to-peer communication using AGS. This plugin relies on WebRTC protocol.
  • AGS OSS: The AGS Online Sub-system (OSS) is the high-level bridge between Unreal Engine and AGS. It comprises interfaces that access AccelByte services and its features. OSS is designed to handle higher level logic, with asynchronous communication.
  • AGS Web SDK: AccelByte Web SDK is a JavaScript library which allows you to build web applications using AGS API services. The library is platform-agnostic and can be consumed in a browser or in a server environment.

Server-side SDKs

  • IAM Go SDK: This is AccelByte's IAM Go SDK for integrating with IAM in Go projects.
  • Go-Restful Plugins: This project contains plugins for go-restful projects.
  • AGS Web SDK: See description above.


  • AGS Extend SDK C#: A software development kit (SDK) for interacting with AccelByte Gaming Services written in C#.
  • AGS Extend SDK Go: An SDK for interacting with AccelByte services written in Golang.
  • AGS Extend SDK Java: An SDK for interacting with AccelByte services written in Java. This SDK was generated from an OpenAPI spec included in the spec directory.
  • AGS Extend SDK Python: An SDK for interacting with AccelByte services written in Python. This SDK was generated from OpenAPI specification documents included in the spec directory.
  • AccelByte API Proto for Extend: Proto (gRPC) files for the Extend Override Feature.
  • extend-helper-cli: A helper command line app for supporting AccelByte Extend use cases.




Refer to the documentation for the API Endpoints to learn about the various REST APIs available for AGS. These include (but aren't limited to):

  • Access
  • Analytics
  • Basic
  • Distribution
  • Engagement
  • Monetization
  • Play
  • Social
  • Storage

Sample Apps