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Last updated on March 9, 2024

Game concept

Byte Wars is a multiplayer arcade game inspired by the game Gravity Wars from 1989. It is a demonstration of features that can be implemented into your game using AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS).

Game flow summary

Each player controls a ship that fires a single rocket at a time to try and hit and destroy their opponents. The last player or team standing, or the player or team with the highest score at the end of the time limit, wins.

A gif of Byte Wars gameplay

Main game mechanics

  • Each player is given a single ship spawned on a map to control.
  • Players can only rotate their ship in place; they cannot move around.
  • Players have unlimited rockets, but can only fire if they don't have an active rocket flying.
  • The rockets will be fired based on the player rotation and their adjustable firepower.
  • The gravitational pull of the planets between the players will affect the rockets' trajectories.
  • The rocket will be destroyed if it collides with the planets. Rockets also have a lifetime limit variable, destroying it after a set time if it doesn't collide with anything.
  • If a player's rocket hits an opponent's ship, the ship will be destroyed, and the player will have their score increased. If the opponent has lives remaining, they will respawn.
  • The game will end when a player or team runs out of lives, or the time limit is reached, and the player or team with remaining lives or highest score wins.

Game modes and types

Players can play in the following modes:

  • Single player: Destroy one enemy ship, like a puzzle game. Great for practice.
  • Local multiplayer: Two or more players play on one machine (one game instance).
  • Online multiplayer: One player on one machine plays against players on other machines across the internet.

The following game types are available for play:

  • Elimination: Free for all, where up to four players are against each other.
  • Team Deathmatch: Up to two teams of four players competing for the highest score.

Game progression

Players increase their score by playing the game. Their scores are reflected in statistics, leaderboards, and achievements. Players can also buy items such as cosmetics (ship kits) and consumables (power ups) to be used in the game.


ActionMouse and keyboard
Menu controlMouse
Rotate ship counterclockwiseLeft arrow key
Rotate ship clockwiseRight arrow key
Fire rocketSpace
Adjust the firepower upUp arrow key
Adjust the firepower downDown arrow key.
Use power upE key

Purchasable items

The Byte Wars demo in-game store

  • Virtual currencies
    • Hard currency: Currency that is purchased with real money.
    • Soft Currency: Currency that is earned through gameplay.
  • Customizations
    • Ship kit: The cosmetics for your ship (durable item type).
    • Power up: An optional item to improve your chance to win the game (consumable item type). Below is a sample of a ship cosmetic (shiny white) and power up (space wrap). Power up - space wrap