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AGS 3.74.0 Release Notes

Last updated on July 8, 2024

Release date: May 20th, 2024

AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Game SDK latest version

Extend SDK (previously known as Server SDK) latest version

DSUploader latest version

  • Armada DSUploader: 1.6.3


  • [AGS Starter] Introduced the Challenge service as an early access feature. You can use the Challenge service to offer your players a series of in-game tasks and objectives, fostering engagement and providing rewarding gameplay experiences. To learn more about this service, see Introduction to Challenge.

  • [AGS Starter] Introduced the Inventory service as an early access feature. The Inventory service is designed to allow players to store and manage items that they've collected throughout the game through looting, crafting, trading, gifting, etc. To learn more about this service, see Introduction to Inventory.

  • [AGS Premium] Player Portal improvements:

    • Introduced a new content management system (CMS) service to create and manage news posts and support articles.
    • Introduced the "News" and "Support" sections of the Player Portal.
    • Improved the UX and customization capabilities to the Player Portal homepage.
    • The Player Portal and Login Website now support improved mobile-responsive viewing on phones and tablets for all UX related to account creation and management.
    • Other small improvements.
  • Admin Portal App Editor improvements:

    • Introduced the following new feature flags in the App Editor:

      • Configurable Forgot Password. This hides or shows the Forgot Password feature on the login website.
      • Configurable 3rd party login only. This makes third-party authentication the only allowed method for players to log in or create an account on your login website.
      • Configurable Email Verification. This allows players to verify their email address after creating their accounts.
      • Configurable Early Age gate. This enables the age verification step to be presented first in the signup process for new players.
    • Added a new field in the App Editor to let admins integrate Google Tag Manager to their Player Portal and login website.


      The App Editor settings can be accessed from the publisher namespace.

  • GDPR-compliant third-party account closures for PlayStation (PSN) and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) are now supported. This means that if a PSN back office server configuration is established for your environment, any closures of PSN accounts initiated by users on the PSN side will also result in the deletion of all associated PSN-related user data in AGS.

    • The "PSN Back Office Server Config" page can be found in the Admin Portal through:
      • In AGS Premium: User Management > Account Closure Configuration
      • In AGS Starter: Admin Tasks > GDPR > 3rd Party Account Closure
    • The "Account Closure History" page can be found in the Admin Portal through:
      • In AGS Premium: Platform Configurations > GDPR > 3rd Party Account Closure
      • In AGS Starter: Admin Tasks > 3rd Party Configuration > Account Closure
  • Discount code redemption campaigns are now supported in the AGS Admin Portal. For more information about setting up discount code redemption campaigns, see Create discount code redemption campaigns.

  • [Unity] Exposed all Admin endpoints for Binary Cloud Save service.

  • [Unity] Exposed all Admin endpoints for Inventory service.

  • [Unity] Added GetDlcDurableRewardSimpleMap client endpoint to the Entitlement service.

  • [Unity] Added PreviewOrderPriceWithDiscountCode client endpoint to the Order service.

  • [Unity] Deprecated the interfaces for Nintendo Switch Initialize, MountStorage, UnmountStorage, and GetNsaToken.

  • [Unity] Added a feature to get the Switch NSA token by selected user handle.

  • [UE][OSS] Added support to create and query an order with a discount code capability in the OSS.

  • [UE][OSS] Added PreviewOrder with discount code redemption capability in the OSS.

  • [UE] Added role-based matchmaking in Matchmaking V2.

  • [UE] Added configurable message limit in Chat.

  • [UE] Added UploadTo() and DownloadFrom() using FHttpRequestProgressDelegate64 param on the AccelByteUtilities.

  • [UE] Started to deprecate FHttpRequestProgressDelegate on the AccelByteUtilities.

  • [UE] Implemented GetUserPrivilege() with the ShowResolveUI parameter for UE version 5.4 on the OnlineIdentityInterface.

  • [UE] Implemented new Set3DPosition() with the new parameters on the AccelByteVoiceChat.

  • [UE] Started to deprecate the old function of Set3DPosition() on the AccelByteVoiceChat.

  • [UE] Added support for the new Profanity Filter Integration in IAM Input Validation. This integration requires an Extend app.

  • [UE][OSS] Added User::LogoutV3, which uses the new endpoint /iam/v3/logout.

  • [OE][OSS] Deprecated User::Logout; use LogoutV3 instead.

  • [UE][OSS] The OSS now calls the newer Logout function: User::LogoutV3.

  • [UE] Added support for Native Mobile Login with Google. (We recommend using Online SubSystem Google.)

  • [UE] Added support for Native Mobile Login with Apple.

Quality of life changes

  • Added Repeat After field to challenge configuration in AGS Admin Portal to control the repetition frequency of challenge goals. For instance, this allows game admins to set specific goals to recur every few days, weeks, or months, depending on the game's design and engagement strategy.
  • Added Stat Cycle as supported requirements for challenge goals. This allows game admins to set goals that grant rewards to players upon earning a particular value on a specific cycle of statistical configuration.
  • Added the Visibility configuration for each legal document or policy within the Legal Management page. This option hides or shows a legal document or policy on the Legal Website.
  • The total count of bans that a user has is now displayed on their "User Details" page in the Admin Portal.
  • [Unity] Added on connect error event to the Server DSHub.
  • [Unity] Added more HTTP error codes.
  • [UE] Added an ability to cancel and track API calls in the Low-level SDK by using FAccelByteTask object.
  • [UE] Added TicketInformation field in the MatchmakingStarted notification for cross-platform matchmaking.
  • [UE] Added User V4 endpoint to get public info for specified users in the Low-level SDK.
  • [UE] Marked GetUserByUserId as deprecated.
  • [UE] Registered RateLimit config as part of AccelByte Config Injection list.
  • [UE] Cleaned up the local cache session data when users log out from the game.
  • [UE] Added new fields to the FAccelByteModelsChallengeGoalProgressRequirement model in the Challenge service:
    • "matcher": "string"
    • "parameterName": "string"
    • "parameterType": "string"
    • "statCycleId": "string"
  • [UE][OSS] Use UserInfo from UserCache as the single source of truth for fields like DisplayName, UniqueDisplayName, PublicCode, and LinkedPlatformInfo on Friend List, Block List, and Recent Player List.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Admin Portal

  • Added max limit for Season Duration when creating Stat Cycle.
  • Changed the time-to-live (TTL) of the Cloud Save record list to local time.
  • Improved and fixed issues on the Leaderboard menu.
  • Improved and fixed issues on the Challenge menu.
  • Updated the Extend app details page to disable the Image History button when the Extend app is in "Provisioning" status.


  • Added stat cycle as goal requirement.
  • Added Meta field to goals list response.
  • Fixed the sortBy handler for list endpoints.
  • Fixed the issue of the Challenge status not automatically retiring after passing the end date.
  • Fixed the issue where searching for specific goal progression by goal code was not possible.
  • Added 404 HTTP status response to response list on publicGetScheduledGoals endpoint.

Cloud Save

  • Implemented gRPC pooling on the Cloud Save service.
  • Fixed the JSON key return symbol after a TTL game record on a specific key-value pair is deleted.


  • Added environment variable to support Inventory deployment on AGS Starter environment.


  • Updated the pagination model name for v2 endpoints.


  • Added maximum limit for Season Duration when creating Stat Cycle.
  • Implemented caching mechanism for statistics config on v2 endpoints.

Season pass

  • Cleaned up unused permission from the service seeding.


  • The sessionID, matchpool, isFull, and joinability fields are now exposed on query game/party session.
  • Players with the LEFT, DROP, or KICKED status is a session can now get the recent player data.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from joining party sessions when the joinability type is set to FRIENDS_OF_MEMBERS, FRIENDS_OF_LEADER, or FRIENDS_OF_FRIENDS, even if they were friends with someone in the party.
  • Any player can join party sessions set to FRIENDS_OF_MEMBERS, FRIENDS_OF_LEADER, or FRIENDS_OF_FRIENDS by accepting an invitation from any member of the session.
  • Fixed a bug on the patch update game session (PATCH /session/v1/public/namespaces/{namespace}/gamesessions/{sessionId}). Players with the status LEFT or DROPPED are no longer updated to KICKED.


  • Improved the matchmaking conversion of ticket attributes.


  • PlayStation on PC (PSPC) and PS5 are now treated as the same platform in friends sync and blocklist operation.
  • Fixed unlink PSN account issue on friend sync behavior.

Armada (Deprecated)

  • Added the ability to add timeout when processing build images.
  • Fixed the issue in dedicated servers not automatically scaling down when the related namespace is deactivated.
  • Fixed the issue of the override deployment configuration not being checked when validating server regions.


  • The logs of running dedicated servers can now be viewed in real time on the Admin Portal. To learn more about viewing logs, see View and manage dedicated server logs and artifacts.
  • Added support for a special type of AMS fleet called Development Fleet. Development fleets let you run multiple dedicated server builds and game configurations on a single fleet, helping game developers reduce management complexity with fewer fleets and save money during dedicated server development by maximizing the usage of the underlying VM instances.


  • Fixed the security issue where the Launcher triggers security alerts on Windows upon launch.
  • Fixed and reduced the error logs that were being sent to Grafana when accessing the app without path.


  • Upgraded security common library for security permission.
  • Fixed data type limitation in the response of the Game Telemetry endpoint.


  • Extend Service Extension
    • Added information that game developers can generate the Swagger file JSON locally without uploading the Extend app into AGS.


  • [Unity] Fixed the server logout URL target.
  • [Unity] Fixed the QueryUserOrders HTTP request on client Entitlement service.
  • [Unity] Fixed the entitlementName and the itemId to optional in the QueryUserEntitlements() interface.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed an issue in OSS where players could not re-login after experiencing a login failure.
  • [UE] Fixed the crash issue when logging in to Steam in the Editor Viewport.
  • [UE] Fixed the crash issue when rejoining P2P host multiple times.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where async tasks that have bShouldUseTimeout = false are still able to be time out due to HasTaskTimedOut() not checking the flag.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where the reconnected delegate is not triggered after the Lobby WebSocket successfully reconnects.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where the dedicated server error delegate was not triggered when the dedicated server failed to be allocated.
  • [UE] Fixed the Language field not being omitted from the request body in the SyncMobilePlatformPurchaseGoogle and SyncMobilePlatformPurchaseGooglePlay APIs, which caused the service to validate the Language value.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where the OnReconnected delegate was not being triggered after successfully reconnecting to the Lobby Websocket.
  • [UE] Ensured that the Retry Scheduler Shutdown only flushes tasks if the engine is actually exiting. This prevents stuttering during loading and/or gameplay.
  • [UE] Fixed the compilation error in UE version 5.4 when using the Shipping configuration.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the issue where the PSN display name is not updated.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the localized DateTime used in the SessionInvitation expiration time calculation and changed it to rely on the backend server time as a calculation.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where Refresh Session did not trigger the OnSessionUpdateReceived after a successful refresh.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where a dedicated server (DS) failed to authenticate when the Game Client settings are not defined in the .ini file.