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AGS 3.72.0 Release Notes

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Release date: April 15th, 2024

AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Game SDK latest version

Extend SDK (previously known as Server SDK) latest version

DSuploader latest version

  • Armada DS Uploader: 1.6.3


  • Introduced the Inventory Service. The Inventory service is designed to allow players to store and manage items that they've collected throughout the game through looting, crafting, trading, gifting, etc. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Inventory Service will soon integrate with AGS E-commerce, enabling seamless item purchases and using the store catalog as the main source for item metadata. Stay tuned for the upcoming integration. For more information, see Introduction to Inventory.
  • [UE][Unity] Implemented the Inventory Service.
  • [UE][Blocklist] Integrated and synced with PSN blocklist.
  • [UE] Implemented the PSN Trophy/Stat.
  • [UE][Session] Added SDK support for the Recent Players feature.

Quality of life changes

  • Improved the Cloud Save search functionality in the AGS Admin Portal.
    • Game admins can now search the specific key of the Player record to go to the record, instead of finding the record through pages.
    • To streamline and improve the efficiency of the Cloud Save management process, the search functionality now includes tag filtering.
  • Records of linked accounts in the Linked Accounts tab are now grouped by their platforms. The tab can be accessed on the Users details page in the User Management menu.
    • For example, if a user has an account linked through Steam Web and Steam SDK methods, they will show up as one group record with a platform name of "Steam", rather than two individual records. Group records are collapsible; when expanded, the individual records are shown.
  • [Unity] Added a new parameter autoCalcEstimatedPrice to public endpoints.
    • publicListActiveSections
    • publicGetItemBySku
    • publicSearchItems
    • publicGetItem
    • publicQueryItems
    • publicBulkGetItems
  • [UE] Improved the Login Queue feature by introducing a suggested polling time in both the login response (i.e., 204: user in queue) and the update ticket response. This adjusts the polling time without requiring an SDK update if there are unexpected issues.
  • [UE] Refactored the saving to file mechanism on Binary File Storage.
  • [UE] Implemented concurrent IO operation when caching Telemetry Events.
  • [UE][OSS] Exposed the Admin Endpoint for getUserEntitlementHistories.
  • [UE][OSS] OSS will now listen to invite timeout notification.
  • [Unity] Added Session Endpoints to query active sessions.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Admin Portal

  • Improved the Challenge menu and fixed various issues.
  • Renamed Custom Configuration into Customization in Cloud Save.
  • Added Chinese translation for content approval in UGC Management.
  • Added a default reason when a user does not add a reason during content approval.
  • Added Leaderboard's overview section.
  • Updated publisher namespace for Super Admin role with Admin Task menu.
  • Added validation for phone number on the Support form.
  • Backup codes for 2FA will be sent directly to the user's email when enabled; they will no longer be displayed on the Admin Portal UI.



  • Updated the internal health check library.
  • Added missing permission info in Swagger UI.
  • Improved date validation in goal configuration.
  • Fixed the issue of tags filtering not working in the list of goals endpoint.
  • Fixed the issue in the player progression validation when using the same requirements.
  • Fixed the issue of the challenge status failing to update when the player makes a progression related to the event-based goal.
  • Fixed the issue preventing the completion of challenges with a User Account requirement.


  • Added custom badges on Group Swagger UI.
  • Updated the cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configuration support on the deployment script.
  • Updated the internal Kafka event streaming library.


  • Updated the internal Kafka event streaming library.
  • Added delete content action to UGC audit logs.


  • Improved logging in the Statistics service scheduler.

Season pass

  • Updated the CORS configuration support on the deployment script.


  • The party session block feature now reflects the player block feature from Lobby.
  • Added validation for duplicate members when updating game sessions.
  • Fixed the issue of players getting stuck with an INVITED status instead of TIMEOUT when the InviteTimeout threshold is reached.
  • Players will now automatically leave existing sessions when joining a new one if autoLeaveSession is set to true.

Session Worker

  • Fixed the issue of players getting stuck with an INVITED status instead of TIMEOUT when the InviteTimeout threshold is reached.
  • Fixed the issue that kicked out banned players with a Feature Ban type instead of disconnecting them; they will now be immediately disconnected from the game session.

Matchmaking v2

  • PC users (e.g., players from Epic and Steam) can now play as one platform.
  • Cross-gen consoles users (e.g., players from PS4 and PS5) can now play as one platform.
  • When crossplay_disabled in the match pool is set to true, players will only be allowed to play with other players from the same platform.
  • Match tickets cannot be created in a match pool with the crossplay_disabled set to true when party members are from cross-platforms.
  • The backfill now works on role-based matchmaking.
  • Fixed the issue of banned users checking if the data is empty.
  • Player attributes are now only queried when cross-platform or role-based is enabled in the match ruleset.
  • Matchmaking v2 now supports sub-game mode feature, which can be configured in the Match Ruleset.


  • Extend SDK
    • C#
      • Added support for asynchronous operation. This lets you call the Extend SDK operation without blocking your whole process.
    • Added support for Session History functionalities.
      • You can now use Session History functionalities on all Extend SDK.


  • [UE][Session] Added impacted UserID data for OnLeave, OnInvite, and OnKicked from Session events.
  • [UE] Restored PlayStation on PC (PSPC) to codebase.
  • [UE] Fixed the sorting in the Challenge API.
  • [UE] Fixed the sorting in the Achievement API.
  • [UE] Fixed the buffer overflow in {{FAccelByteUdpPingThread::CreateResponse()}}.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the issue of crashes occurring when the CastCheck method on UniqueNetId is set to an incorrect type.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the issue of the {{Lobby::ConnectionClosed}} delegate not calling when clients initiate a Lobby Disconnect.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the OnV2SessionEndedNotification delegate is not triggered.
  • [UE] Fixed the poor performance issue when sending the Telemetry Events.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the issue with simultaneous login on OSS.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the crash issue due to an invalid ApiClient.
  • [UE] Fixed the crash issue during the server shutdown.
  • [UE] Fixed the issue where clients are unable get a claimable DS due to not sending pings for all regions in PS5 platform.
  • [UE] Fixed an adjustable timeout duration for the websocket in dedicated servers.
  • [UE][OSS] Fixed the crash issue caused by the dereferencing of invalid TSharedPtr.
  • [Unity] Added the / suffix to the DS (Dedicated Server) Hub URL.
  • [Unity] Fixed the error in the Unity Editor when using UnitySDK 16.20.0 by changing Nunit into UnityEngine.Assertions.
  • [Unity] Fixed the missing close-code on websocket retry.
  • [Unity] Fixed an adjustable timeout duration for the websocket in dedicated servers.
  • [Unity] Fixed the Undefined CloseCode error that was caused by the ParseCloseCodeEnum function in the Native WebSocket.
  • [Unity] Fixed the Unity Networking version.