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Introduction to the Storage Service

Last updated on April 16, 2024


AccelByte Storage is a crucial component of AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) that enbles you to save and retrieve player data for later use.

Storage offers several advantages for a game developer, including:

  • Using player stats to drive gameplay. The AccelByte Statistics service easily integrates with other services like Achievements, Rewards, and Matchmaking. This allows players to receive rewards or achievements for hitting certain milestones, such as reaching a specific number of kills. Additionally, statistics-based matchmaking ensures a fair gaming experience by matching players with similar skill levels.

  • Saving data in the cloud. The AccelByte Cloud Save service enables you to store any data for your games and players in the cloud, making your game data available wherever and whenever you need it.


Cloud SaveThe Cloud Save service provides storage for arbitrary game data in JSON format or binary format. The game data can then be updated, replaced, retrieved, and deleted from your game client, game server, or the AGS Admin Portal.
StatisticsThe Statistics service provides a straightforward way to have persistent statistics tracking for your users. The statistics data is associated with the user account, and can be used as a reference for further integration to other AccelByte features - such as leaderboards, achievements, matchmaking and rewards.
InventoryThe Inventory service provides storage for players to store and manage items collected throughout the game from various ways such as looting, crafting, trading and gifting.

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