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Introduction to the Monetization Service

Last updated on March 18, 2024


The AccelByte Monetization services are responsible for supporting your online and in-game stores. These stores enable your players to order games, in-game items, virtual currencies, and other types of assets, as well as provide additional ecommerce functionality. You may also integrate our Monetization services with third-party platforms, such as Steam, Xbox, PSN, Epic, and others, and manage in-app purchases.

We support a wide-range of payment methods, such as WxPay, AliPay, as well as Xsolla, Adyen, and Stripe payment aggregators.

The AccelByte Monetization services offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Security First: AccelByte does not retain any data related to your real-money transactions, as all transactions are managed by your payment aggregator. We only support payment aggregators with proven security credentials.

  • Customization possibilities: gRPC architecture is the basis for a number of services, so that you can easily customize our products to suit your needs.

  • Seamless integration with third-party game platforms: the monetization service can be integrated with all major game platforms, and support DLC and other in-app purchases, including Steam, Epic, Xbox, PSN, Twitch, and others.

  • Engage your players with campaigns: easily create redemption codes for your campaigns. Codes can be created in our Admin Portal, or uploaded as a CSV file, and then configured in different ways.

  • Bring your game to a global audience: the Monetization services support region specific catalogs, pricing, and discounts. Tailoring your pricing and product offers to different regions can help you reach new audiences, and increase your revenues.

  • Highlight your brand: the catalog and payment station UI are fully customizable, to match your brand and aesthetic of your game.


To learn more about the different Monetization features we offer, refer to our documentation:

StoreAllows you to create stores to manage sales of your games, DLCs, in-game items, or add-ons, and sort these items into categories. It also offers Displays & Sections to enable you to configure your in-game store.
In-app Purchase IntegrationEnables you to track player purchases and sync entitlements from third-party platforms, such as PlayStation or Xbox.
SalesTrack orders and the sale of items across various dimensions.
EntitlementsManages player ownership of items. It can be used to grant or revoke items to or from players. The two types of entitlements are Durable and Consumable.
WalletsContainers that hold virtual currency, referred to here as Coins, for your players. Coins can be credited or debited from a wallet, and transaction history is tracked.
CurrenciesAllows you to configure the currencies you want to accept for player transactions.
FulfillmentUsed to grant entitlements to players that they have purchased, or otherwise earned.
Code RedemptionsAllows you to create redeemable codes and your players can use these to unlock in-game items, or other entitlements.
PaymentsAllows transactions to be performed with both real and virtual currencies, and integrates with Adyen, Xsolla, Stripe, PayPal, AliPay, WxPay, and wallet services.
RevocationEnables you to configure specific rules in terms of how entitlements, coins, and other items, will be revoked from players.
Custom Service ConfigurationAllows you to configure the gRPC service, to enable customization of some of our monetization services.
AGS Starter

The Payments service feature is not yet supported in AGS Starter.

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