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Introduction to Currencies

Last updated on October 13, 2023


The AccelByte Game Services (AGS) Currency service allows you to configure, in your Admin Portal, the currencies you want to accept for transactions. You can configure both real-world and virtual currencies, to allow your players to transact using those currencies, or to earn virtual currencies.

The scope of a virtual currency depends on how it is configured:

  • If you create your currency in the Publisher Namespace, your currency will be available to be used in all your Game Namespaces.
  • If you create your currency in a specific Game Namespace, your currency will only be available to be used in that specific Namespace.
  • The real currency code follows the ISO_4217 standardization, such as USD for United States Dollar.
  • The virtual currency code is something you create.

Virtual currencies stored in publisher namespace wallets can be used in both publisher and game namespaces. Game namespace wallets can only store VC within the corresponding game namespace.

Currency Service Architecture Diagram

AGS Overview

The AGS Currency service is a part of the eCommerce services, which define currency for payment with real money via a payment provider (e.g., Adyen, Xsolla, Alipay, or Wxpay), or via a Wallet for virtual currencies.