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Introduction to Entitlements

Last updated on September 21, 2023


The AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Entitlements service manages individual player ownership of items that they have purchased or otherwise received. You can use the Entitlements service to grant or revoke instances of items to or from players. Item creation and configuration is handled in Stores (refer to Set up, Configure, and Prepare a Store).

There are two types of entitlement:

  • Durable entitlements: are non-stackable and permanent. They do not disappear after use. Examples of durable entitlements include, game skins, weapons, unlockable characters, and similar game features.
  • Consumable items: disappear after use. Consumables can be stackable or non-stackable; multiple stackable items will be under the same entitlement, whereas multiple non-stackable items will each have their own entitlement, even if they result from identical items. Examples of consumable entitlements include: ammo, potions, and food.

Entitlement management lets you see the entitlement history of a particular player, or players who own a particular entitlement.

Entitlement Source

There are many different types of entitlement sources that can be applied to players.

Entitlement SourceDescription
PurchaseEntitlement from normal purchase of an item via real currency or virtual currency
PromotionEntitlement grant from some promotion/activity
Referral_BonusEntitlement grant from inviting a new player
Redeem_CodeEntitlement from a code redemption
OtherAnother kind of entitlement source that does not belong to those listed above

Currently, only Purchase, Redeem_Code and Other are supported. The other entitlements are coming soon.

Service Architecture

Entitlements Architecture