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Introduction to the Play Service

Last updated on June 5, 2024


AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Play provides game developers with a wide range of capabilities designed to provide players fun and engaging multiplayer experiences. Each Play service provides a specific feature such as matchmaking, party management, or dedicated server allocation for hosting game sessions, and can be used independently or with each other.

AGS Play offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Flexible matchmaking and session management: including customizable matching logic, seamless backfilling, and extendable session types that provide players with a variety of gameplay experiences.
  • Cross-platform connection: players can connect across all major platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc.), to broaden socializing opportunities.
  • Continuous improvements: the AGS Play feature set will continue to expand to keep pace with changing industry trends.
  • Seamless integration with AccelByte Multiplayer Servers (AMS): AMS, the dedicated server fleet manager offered as an add-on for AGS, allows for easy deployment of global game sessions.


See below to learn more about the different services offered as part of AGS Play:

LobbyServes as the main game hub and provides a continuous connection between players.
MatchmakingSearches for and selects players based on developer-defined rules and specifications and puts them together in a game session.
PartyEnables players to join a group and enter game sessions together.
SessionFacilitates and tracks online activities. This enables players to participate in such things as raid teams or game sessions.
Peer-to-PeerEnables players to host game sessions locally, which can be connected to through matchmaking or the Session Browser.
AccelByte Multiplayer Servers (AMS)Orchestrates global dedicated server allocation for hosting game sessions.

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