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Introduction to Store

Last updated on September 21, 2023


The AccelByte E-commerce Store service allows you to manage sales of your games, DLC, in-game items, or add-ons, and sort these items into categories. It can be considered as a centralized place to manage all your catalogs. There are two types of Store, Draft Store and Published Store. All changes must be made in the Draft Store, and then need to be published to the Published Store, in order for those changes to take effect.

Store includes some very useful features, such as:

  • Item localization: lets you display different names and descriptions of your items for sale in different countries.

  • Item regional data: allows items to have different currencies and prices for sale in different countries.

  • Item types: such as Loot Box, In-game Item, Subscription, Season Pass, and others, allows a player to find the most suitable item for their needs. Item bundling allows you to sell items in groups for a lower price than if those items were purchased separately.

  • Store isolation: allows for only one Draft Store and one Published Store, under any one Namespace. Changes can be made in the Draft Store, and evaluated before bringing them live to the Published Store. This process helps minimize the chance of live site errors with the Published Store.

  • Store import/export: lets you import a store from, or export a store to, a different environment. A JSON file is used as the import/export format. If your store is working well in your dev environment, you can export it, then import it to your production environment, without having to recreate it.

  • Purchasing requirements: enable you to configure the conditions for a player to purchase any particular item.

  • Display & Section: can help you configure and manage your in-game stores, create rotations of merchandise, and personalized offerings for players.

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