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Introduction to Season Pass

Last updated on September 21, 2023


The AccelByte Season Pass service provides a series of tiers within the pass time period, that players can progress through by completing specific tasks or challenges. As a player progresses through the tiers by earning experience points (XP) from completing a challenge, they can unlock various rewards that are set up by the game admin.

Season Pass Architecture

Key Concepts

It is important to understand some of the key concepts used in the design of the Season Pass service.

  • Season: a season in Season Pass refers to a specific period of time that includes special challenges in a series of tiers and rewards, for the players to claim after passing the tier. A Season will typically have a fixed duration (e.g., three months).
  • Pass: a pass in Season Pass refers to the player subscription that grants them access to a series of tiers, over a specified season. There are two types of passes that you can set up in the Season Pass service, free and premium pass.
    • Free Pass: a type of pass that grants players access to a limited series of tiers without having to buy a pass. Typically, the rewards are more limited compared to premium passes.
    • Premium Pass: a type of pass that requires players to purchase before they are granted access to a more complete series of tiers. Generally, the rewards are more varied compared to free passes.
  • Tier: a Tier in Season Pass refers to a level that a players can progress through by earning XP. As players earn XP by completing some challenge or activities within the game, they advance through the tiers, and claim the tier's rewards. The rewards that are claimed at each tier of a Season Pass can vary depending on what type of pass the players have.
  • Reward: an Entitlement that is granted to the player who passes a specific tier. Season Pass rewards can include a wide variety of entitlements, such as in-game items, XP, coins, and many others.

Service Architecture

This section explains how the Season Pass service works and integrates with other AccelByte services.

Season Pass is part of the AccelByte e-commerce platform. It uses an e-commerce catalog as its item repository, order flow for pass and tier purchasing, and entitlement to host the rewarded virtual items. Understanding the flow will make it easier for you to understand how to better use the service.

Season Pass Architecture