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Introduction to Wallets

Last updated on 9/21/2023, 11:56:45 AM


The AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Wallet service provides a way for your players to hold virtual currency within their game profiles. Wallets are containers for virtual currency, referred to in Stores as item type Coins. Players can earn virtual currency through gameplay, or purchase virtual currency using any real currency your payment aggregator supports.

Although, you can have multiple virtual currencies in your game, each Wallet can hold only one currency. If your game contains multiple virtual currencies, players will have multiple Wallets. From the Admin Portal, you can credit coins to, or debit coins from, a Wallet, or view a Wallet's transaction history.

Key Concepts

There are several key concepts in the design of the Wallet service.

Virtual Currency

A virtual currency is a digital currency stored and transacted in-game. Only virtual currencies can be stored in Wallets; no real currencies are involved in Wallets.

Virtual currencies can be created using the Currency service.

Wallet Management

AccelByte Admins are able to enable, disable, credit or debit players' Wallets.

There is a difference between the publisher and game namespace Wallet. Virtual currencies stored in publisher Wallets can be used in both publisher and game namespaces, while virtual currencies stored in Wallets under a game namespaces can only be used within the corresponding game namespace.

Currency-specific Wallet

Each Wallet can only hold one type of virtual currency. Under each Wallet, there can be various sub-wallets (the origin of virtual Currencies) since each sub-wallet represents the source a virtual currency comes from, each sub-wallet can be separately credited or debited, and the balance of a Wallet is the sum of all balances of the sub-wallets.

Virtual Currency purchased on Steam is only available in the Steam-specific sub-wallet, but if, for example, a Steam Wallet is added as a source of payment under Epic, then virtual currency in Steam Wallets can also be used as a source of payment in Epic.

Wallet Service Architecture Diagram

AGS Overview