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Introduction to Sales

Last updated on February 12, 2024


The AccelByte Gaming Services E-Commerce Sales section enables you to manage player orders and generate sales invoices.

Key Concepts

  • Orders: Only orders integrated with AccelByte services directly will be displayed here. Orders from third-party platforms will not be found here.

Order Status

Store includes some very useful features, such as:

  • ALL: Display all orders, regardless of status.

  • Unpaid: Unpaid orders occur if there has been an issue with the payment process, or when the player did not proceed with payment.

  • Paid: Paid orders are orders that have been successfully paid for.

  • Chargeback: Chargeback indicates that the player has issued a complaint regarding the transaction to their credit card or payment provider and that they have been issued a refund. You can either accept or dispute the chargeback.

  • Chargeback Reversed: Chargeback Reversed indicates that you have successfully disputed a chargeback request and the disputed funds have been returned to you.

  • Fulfilled: Fulfilled indicates that the order was successful and the player has been granted the item.

  • Fulfill Failed: Fulfill Failed occurs when the ordered item is no longer available, so the order cannot be fulfilled. If this happens, you’ll need to refund the player for the order.

  • Refunding: Refunding occurs when our platform has already sent a refund request to the third-party payment provider but has not yet received a notification.

  • Refunded: Refunded indicates that the refund for the order has been successfully processed.

  • Refund Failed: Refund Failed indicates that a technical issue has prevented the refund from being processed.

  • Closed: Closed indicates that an order has been left unpaid for so long that it’s expired. Unpaid orders expire after 10 minutes.