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Introduction to Revocation

Last updated on June 13, 2024


The AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Revocation service allows you to configure and customize your revocation strategy logic for durable and consumable entitlements and virtual currencies. By using our revocation service, you may configure various strategies for purchases reversed via refund, chargeback, fraud, or other situations where entitlements need to be revoked.

Key concepts

  • Virtual currency revocation: Virtual currencies can be revoked from players' wallets as a result of refunds, instances of fraud, or other scenarios at the discretion of the game developers. A player's wallet balance can be negative based on the revocation rules chosen.
  • Durable entitlement revocation: Durable entitlements can be completely revoked from players when enabled.
  • Consumable entitlement revocation: Consumable entitlements can be revoked when unused or with enough use count.
  • Revocation history: For each revocation occurred, a record will be created in the database. All records can be found, filtered, and searched for in the "Revocation History" section.

Service architecture

Revocations Architecture