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ADT known issues

Last updated on May 16, 2024

This table lists the known issues in AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT). We are currently working to resolve each issue.

1SmartbuildStaging process takes a long time to finish.Whitelist the Smartbuild cache directory from your system's antivirus or reduce disk utilization for faster staging process. Refer to the Smart Build staging phase takes too long troubleshooting article.
2ADT HubWindows update installation process (initiated on startup) triggers the removal of ADT Hub.Disable the automatic start of ADT Hub when Windows starts. Utilize a manual launch mechanism when another Squirrel-based application has already successfully initiated
3Hub; Playtest ReportCrashes that occur upon playtest completion do not reflect in reports when the corresponding crash files are undergoing processing by the Back-End (BE).We are actively investigating a solution, but a workaround is yet to be determined.
4Hub; SDKCrash video generation is disabled for paths exceeding the 173-character limit.Switch to the shorter directory.
5Hub; SDKIssue reporter displays blank image for long installation paths (exceeds character limit).Switch to the shorter directory.
6SDKLinux/server crashes are not sent to ADT in UE5.Refer to the Additional Steps for Unreal 5.1+ section in Use Unreal Unattended CRC article.
7Web; SDK[Xboxone/XSX UE4] Hardware information is not sent to ADT.We are actively investigating a solution, but a workaround is yet to be determined.
8SDKThe crashes are not sent when using licensed UE.For Licensee Version of Unreal Engine, you must add the following Engine modification for Linux platform to force the engine to send the crash report regardless of the Licensee status. Refer to the Bypass Unreal Engine Licensee Status section in Use Unreal Unattended CRC.
9SDKThe packaged game does not include crash reporting functionality.Ensure successful build of the Crash Reporter component. If the package process employed RunUAT.bat, ensure the command included the -crashreporter parameter.
10Track HistorySetting a specific build version from track history as the head of track will cause the current history associated with that build ID to be removed.We are actively investigating a solution, but a workaround is yet to be determined.
11Smart BuildsUnder certain error conditions, the Smart Builds CLI may fail to terminate properly. This may cause users to encounter an "In queue" blocker when downloading another smart build.Relaunch the ADT Hub.
12Smart BuildsSmart Build local cache storage is too big.Periodically check the storage as to not fill up the disk drive. If needed, you can clear the Smart Build cache that can be found in the Application Settings.
13Hub: Smart BuildsAuto-update is experiencing intermittent failures.Relaunch the Hub.
14CLI - Smart BuildsUnable to process Smart Builds upload from Linux CLI with error: getaddrinfo() thread failed to start.Run this command on your Linux terminal: ulimit -n 1000000 and then rerun your BlackBoxCLI command.