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AGS 3.63.0 Release Notes

Last updated on February 12, 2024

Release date: December 4th, 2023

AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Game SDK latest version

Extend SDK (previously known as Server SDK) latest version

DSuploader latest version

  • Armada DS Uploader: 1.6.0


  • Added options to search for Cloud Save player records using email, display name, and username. This makes it easier for admin users to find users using various attributes.
  • Added a new feature to the Season Pass service that allows admin users to get notifications on the Admin Portal about important events related to their season passes.
    • Admin users can now receive notifications on the Admin Portal when a season pass is about to expire or if a season pass item is disabled or deleted.
  • Added a new meta configuration support in the App Editor to configure the Player Portal's meta details such as title, header, and image.

Quality of Life Changes

  • The query items by criteria endpoint, queryItems, now has an additional parameter called withTotal. When set to true, it will include the total count of items in the response body. It is set to false by default.
  • Added a new parameter, responseBody, to update concurrent player records endpoints. This parameter is optional and set to false by default. If set to true, the endpoint will return a response body with the latest updated at value from the player records, along with a 200 HTTP status code. Otherwise, the endpoint will only return a 204 HTTP status code without a response body.
  • Added a new Cloud Save admin endpoint to bulk get player records.
  • Added a new UGC Public endpoint to bulk get Content by Share codes.
  • Added a new UGC Public endpoint to update the content share code. However, this operation is restricted by default and requires a new permission to be granted to the User role.
  • Added the Export and Import functions to the Statistic Cycles menu in the Admin Portal.
  • Improved how the Admin Portal server handles server shutdown.
  • Improved the text content on the Entitlements section to be scalable with the tab title. This can be accessed from User Management > Users > Entitlement.
  • Improved select namespace performance following the Ant Design system.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Admin Portal

  • Invalid inputs (due to whitespaces) on the DLC Mapping and Item Mapping configurations will now return a proper error message.
  • Enabling the Custom Roll Function field on a Loot Box item configuration, without first setting up a custom configuration for a Loot Box Roll, now returns a proper error message that shows the missing configuration.
  • Importing large Store JSON data will no longer result in an infinite pop-up window.
  • Setting 33, 55, 66, and 77 as discount percentages on an item's price details are now calculated properly.
  • Accessing a user's device ban list from the User Management menu will no longer result to an infinite loading.
  • Changing a reward item's Ownership Period to permanent on the Add Reward Condition modal from the Rewards page will now be saved properly when submitted.
  • target HTTP attribute will no longer be improperly sanitized when uploading an HTML file for a legal document.
  • Added UI for Global Configurations in Session Configurations.
  • Added a new tab for parties in Session History.
  • Fixed the default limit in Session History Matchmaking v2.
  • Implemented player validation toggle in Session Template.
  • Refactored the UGC Configurations and Contents menu in the Admin Portal.


  • Fixed the issue causing the Launcher to get stuck in a paused download state if there is not enough space to update the game.
  • Fixed the issue causing multiple Windows Explorer pop-ups to appear when a user clicks Browse multiple times on the installation path.


  • The AdminSearchUserV3 endpoint will now return error 400 instead of 500 for missing a platformBy value.

Player Portal

  • Users from blacklisted countries will now be unable to register and upgrade to a full account from a headless account. This can be set up from the User Management > Countries page in the Admin Portal.
  • Fixed the description on the My Profile missing warning message when the Display Name field is empty.
  • Improved all verification code related messages to explicitly mention the six-digit verification or authentication code to make it clearer for users.


  • Fixed the issue causing the WebSDK to throw errors when generating device ID when running from server side.


  • Updated the Social service log to comply with log standardization.
  • Updated the Social service common-log library to support the flightID HTTP header.


  • Updated UGC service go-restful library to support the flightID HTTP header.


  • Updated the Achievement service go-restful library to support the flightID HTTP header.

Cloud Save

  • Updated the Cloud Save service log to comply with log standardization.
  • Updated the Cloud Save service go-restful library to support flightID http header.


  • Updated the Leaderboard service go-restful library to support flightID http header.


  • Update the Group service go-restful library to support flightID http header.

Season Pass

  • Updated the Season Pass service common-log library to support flightID http header.


  • Added resendintervalTimeAdd to avoid race condition in resend interval and invite timeout.
  • Added config promotion in Session Template and 3rd-Party Platform configuration.
  • Fixed mapping platform for Xbox Multiplayer Activity (MPA).
  • Fixed the case-sensitive comparison of platform ID in native session on invite party endpoint.
  • Changed the inviter Xbox User Identification (XUID) to use the platform user ID in sync session MPA.


  • Added config promotion for Matchmaking Ruleset.

Turn Server

  • The Turn Server now supports running on Elastic Container Service (ECS).


  • Improved the Dedicated Server Management Page configuration view for better visibility.
  • Added a feature flag for the Coredump feature.
  • Improved the Display Artifact Upload Queue page.


  • Added the "Deployed Image Version" column on Extend apps list.

Game SDK

  • [Unreal Engine and Unity] Exposed UGC ModifyContent and DeleteContent by shareCode endpoints.
  • [Unreal Engine and Unity] Exposed Public BulkContent by shareCode endpoints.
  • [Unreal Engine] Implemented Game Standard Event.
  • [Unity] Added a new endpoint to change DS status to "Ready".
  • [Unreal Engine] Fixed the crash in AccelByte Online Subsystem (OSS) caused by the delegate function behavior.
  • [Unity] Added SDK version in the connection headers of all Websocket APIs.
  • [Unity] Exposed sync IAP Epic game.


  • Audit log is now applied for Connector v2 endpoints.
  • Added endpoint for test user in game telemetry API.
  • Added Swagger validation badge and custom Swagger UI assets for game telemetry, analytic vis API, and analytic configuration services.