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Introduction to Namespaces

Last updated on September 21, 2023


AccelByte uses Namespaces to provide flexibility in the business management and operations at both the publisher and game level.

A namespace is the unique string identifier of your company/studio, or game, that is implemented within the AccelByte backend services. There are two types of namespace: Publisher Namespace and Game Namespace.

  • A Publisher Namespace is globally unique, and will be initialized by AccelByte when you first access our services. This namespace serves as a central hub for your game publishing experience with a number of features that enable you to distribute your games, and reach, sell to, and support players directly. A Publisher Namespace provides:

    • a publisher storefront to distribute your games
    • a unified account system for your organization across multiple games (for more details, refer to the Accounts section)
  • Game Namespaces are created by you and contain specific settings, functionalities, and data for each of your games. These settings might include:

    • an in-game storefront
    • matchmaking rules
    • gameplay records
    • similar game-specific features

Another advantage provided by namespaces is that you can control security settings for each namespace. This can be at the Publisher level, or specific Game level. For more details, refer to the Authorization section.

The Admin Portal can be used to create Game Namespaces, switch between Publisher and Game Namespaces, change the settings of any Namespace, change the name of a Game Namespace, and activate or deactivate a Game Namespace.

The relevant documentation will contain details on how Namespaces are used within other areas of AccelByte Gaming Services.

Note: the Starter tier of AccelByte Gaming Services, which is multi-tenant, uses Studio Namespace instead of Publisher Namespace.

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