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Introduction to Chat

Last updated on September 21, 2023


The AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) Chat service allows players to send and receive messages to their friends or party members in real-time. This service includes notifications to inform users of messages being sent or received. The Chat service is divided into four basic features:

  1. Send Personal Chat: allows players to message their friends. The sender will receive a notification when their message has been sent, and the recipient will receive a notification when they have a new message.

  2. Send Party Chat: allows users to send a message to all the players in their party. The party members will be notified when they have a new message from the sender.

  3. Load Personal Chat History: involves retrieving a player's chat history with another player. This action can be performed by sending an HTTP Request only if the player has permission to perform this action (i.e., the player hasn't been blocked).

  4. Global Chat: allows users to broadcast messages to all users within the game. By default, the user can join a global channel and start broadcasting messages to other users in the game.

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