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Development Kit (DevKit) FAQ

Last updated on March 5, 2024

How do I know which DevKit version ADT supports?

In the past, we integrated and supported DevKits from PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) and Xbox. We supported the Long Term Support (LTS) operating system (OS) for each console.

AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) currently supports the following OS versions:

If you use an outdated OS version, you will face some compatibility issues.


We support DevKit with Game DevKit only.

I have already installed the SDK. Why do I still get the error “PS5 SDK (Publishing Tools) Unavailable”?

Although you have already installed the general SDK, you are missing the publishing tools. You need to install these additional tools when you are installing the SDK.

How can I change the destination DevKit?

ADT Web uses the default DevKit in Target Manager as the the destination. To change from one DevKit to another, you need to make the other DevKit the default. Do this through either ADT Web (Console Manager) or Target Manager.

Why does it seem I am playing the wrong build in the DevKit?

This is because the build you want to play has the same version as previous installments. To resolve this, redeploy the build by clicking the ellipsis beside the Play button, then clicking Redeploy. This forces the system to reinstall the build.

Why is the deploy/play button missing or default DevKit unavailable?

This error happens when the function inside ADT Web is not called properly because a there is a missing target, in this case, the connection. Check the connection between your computer and the default DevKit.

Can I play with more than one DevKit?

Currently, ADT Web does not provide multiple DevKit functionality. Currently, you can only deploy one DevKit at a time and play one DevKit at a time.

Does disconnecting from a DevKit also close my process?

If you were deploying the DevKit, the deployment is cancelled. When you reconnect to the DevKit, it will not automatically redeploy your failed process.

If you were playing, the process will still play in the DevKit despite the disconnection.

Why can't I see any build channels that contain the PS5/PS4 build?

You need to ask your Administrator to create the build channel for you that contains a specific build.

Does it automatically deploy a new version if I download the new update in the build channel?

No, after you download the new update, you need to deploy the new version.

If I unsubscribe from a build channel or uninstall it, will the apps in the DevKit also be removed?

If you unsubscribe from a build channel, but you already have the files, it will go to the unsubscribe build channel section (below the subscribe section). The files on your PC and in the DevKit will not be uninstalled.

If you uninstall a build channel the files in the DevKit still remain, so you will need to uninstall them manually through the DevKit or through Target Manager.

Is the action between ADT Web and Target Manager synchronized?

Yes, every action you perform in either ADT Web or Target Manager, will be reflected in the other.