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ADT Release, June 1, 2022

Last updated on October 20, 2023

The new AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) release includes:

  • ADT Web Portal v1.16.10
  • ADT Hub v0.14.0
  • ADT SDK v2.19.0
  • ADT CLI v2.4.1

Please check the documentation below for more details:

Release highlights

  • Web: One step feedback
    This feature enables users to report an issue that is not necessarily a crash. This can include things like a missing texture, invalid asset, or a suggestion. Users can also take a screenshot of the game, annotate it, and send it to ADT.

  • Web: Multiple API key management page
    Admins can go to the API Key Management page in the Game Setting menu to create and delete API Keys.

    :::info Only admins can access this page. :::


  • Web and Hub: IAM and SSO account merging
    Previously, we separated admin registered accounts and accounts from the SSO, despite them having the same email. We merged the two accounts into one (as long as the email is the same.)

    If a user has SSO and registered accounts, the system registers them as one when the user deletes the SSO account. :::

  • Web and Hub: Color and contrast accessibility improvements for the base area

Bug fixes

  • Hub: Fixed the issue where the hub pings the kit every 30s to perform an img_info, even when it's minimized to the tray.
  • Hub: Folder opens even when the build channel name contains "/".
  • Hub: Users can scroll the DevKit dialogue box even when they connect a lot of DevKits.
  • Hub: Fixed the Release Notes not supporting whitespace.