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ADT Release, December 22, 2022

Last updated on February 12, 2024

The new AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) patch release includes:

  • ADT Web Portal v1.21.0

  • ADT Hub v0.17.0

  • ADT SDK v2.23.4

  • ADT CLI v2.12.0

To learn more, see the ADT Documentation

Release highlights

  • Hub: Report ADT Issue (self-serve Jira ticket)

The Report Issue menu enables you to submit issues while using ADT Hub. Every issue you file generates a Jira ticket, which the system forwards to the ADT team.

  • Web & Hub: To comply with security policy, we updated our password requirements and the e-mail login flow for new users. Existing users can update their passwords according to these new requirements.

    - Passwords must be between 10 and 64 characters long.

    - They must contain one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one digit, and one special character

    - Password strength must reach the *good* level before you can continue.

    Your account locks for 30 minutes after five failed login attempts. You can still log in using SSO.
  • Web & Hub: Longer refresh token lifetime keeps users logged in for two weeks of inactivity.

  • Web: Hides the IP address on the LIVE crashes.

  • Web: Displays the simple hardware information on the LIVE crashes.

  • Web: Displays the log and module information on the LIVE crashes.

  • SDK: Prevents crashes if blackbox.dll isn't found.

  • SDK: Improvement of the symbol server for live crashes.

Bug fixes

  • Web: We added the missing Callstack on Linux.

  • Web: We fixed the 0 size issue of the ADT Hub's download page.

  • Hub: We removed the unused file that triggers a warning about a potentially unsafe application when running antivirus.

  • SDK: ADT no longer calls profiling every 10 seconds.

  • SDK: Calls to check the issue_reporter enabled/not are less expensive.

  • CLI: We fixed the build info printing a stderr for the informational type of log resulting in an error on the build pipeline.

  • CLI: We demoted the error message when unable to find the file on the S3.

Known issues

  • We support UE 5.1 with the following notes:

    • We can't package a game with Xbox series because the built-in platform extension files from Unreal are missing the #include. When you add #include to compile successfully, the packaging process still fails. We’re investigating this issue.

    • Linux client: The CRC doesn't appear after triggering a crash. We need time to compare and investigate this issue with the previous UE version.