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ADT Patch Release, June 14, 2022

Last updated on August 28, 2023

The new AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) patch release includes:

  • ADT SDK v2.19.1
  • ADT CLI v2.5.0

Release notes

  • SDK: We now support Xbox for UE5. If you're interested in using this, please contact us directly as we can't put it in the public domain.
  • CLI: We added a new parameter: --recursive. If the symbol inside the game package is not in the game_name or game_engine folder, CLI can use this new parameter to find the symbol file as long as it's still in the game archive. How to use it:
    • When uploading the symbol, add the --recursive parameter. It looks like this: .\BlackBoxCLI.exe upload --game-archive [game archive] --recursive
      • You can upload the symbol without the --recursive parameter as long as the symbol is inside the game_name or game_engine folder.
      • The --recursive parameter only works with Windows and Linux. This is because for console, the symbol is taken from the game project (the one with .uproject file), not the game archive. :::

Known issues

The update to support Xbox for UE5 affects crash sending behavior for Xbox. It delays the crash coming into the website. View the details below. We are focusing on fixing this issue.

  • Xbox for UE4: the crash is sent after you relaunch the game. We will release another patch to fix this issue within two weeks.
  • Xbox for UE5: the crash sends after you relaunch your game. We are researching ways to make it send right away. Unlike UE4, the UE5 issue has a different root cause and is complex. We don't have an estimated date yet for this fix.