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Deactivate vs delete fleet


This article outlines two methods for cleaning up fleets in AccelByte Multiplayer Servers (AMS): deactivating and deleting fleets. These actions are accessible through the Admin Portal under AccelByte Multiplayer Servers > Fleets.


Before you begin this guide, you should:

  • Have access to the Admin Portal, and the namespace and account for your game
  • Have a fleet available

Deactivate a fleet

detailed fleet view deactivate and delete button

Deactivate fleet (drain) - This method is designed for scaling that won’t impact players, typically employed in production scenarios. Initiating a drain sends a signal to the Dedicated Servers (DS), allowing them to gracefully handle ongoing processes such as flushing logs or updating statistics. Refer to Listen to the drain signal for code examples. After a defined drain timeout (configurable in the Admin Portal), the DS is forcibly terminated.

Delete a fleet

fleet overview delete button

Delete fleet - This method ensures immediate termination, often used in development scenarios to control costs. It forcibly terminates all running DS instances. Note that logs and artifacts are not collected from the terminated DS instances, reflecting an immediate termination of all fleet resources.