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Introduction to Extend SDK

Last updated on December 18, 2023


The Extend SDK provides an easy way to interact with AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS) and adds convenience functions such as logins, refresh tokens, retry mechanisms, etc. The SDK supports multiple programming languages including Golang, Java, Python and C#. The popular Golang Extend SDK is used in the documentation examples.

The key differences between the AGS Extend SDK and the AGS Game SDK are:

  • The Game SDK is used by the game client or dedicated server to interact with AGS and comes in Unity and Unreal variants.
  • The Extend SDK is used to build custom backend services or custom toolings.

Extend SDK guides

Extend SDKGet started with the Extend SDKProvided to help you to get started with extending AGS. It provides functions to invoke the AGS endpoints from your code. This guide will show you the basics when using the popular languages with our Extend SDK.