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Extend pricing

Last updated on October 25, 2023

How is Extend Priced?

Hosted Extend services run in standardized Pods priced @ $0.075 per Pod-hr. Each Pod represents a hosted app with CPU: 1000m and Memory: 350 MB. Closed and Open Beta users receive free 720 Pod-hrs for development.

Additional consumption fees apply to:

  • Data Storage with the first 10 TB free; afterward, fees start at $0.023/GB/mo.
  • Data Transfer Egress with the first 1 GB free; afterward, fees start at $0.102 per GB. Volume discounting is available.

Pricing FAQ

Will I be charged if I self-host the Extend services in my own AWS account?

No, Extend Pod pricing only applies to scenarios where AccelByte helps to host your Extend App.

What is the billing granularity for Extend Pods?

There is a one-minute minimum charge per-Pod. Your hosted Extend usage is calculated by minute from the time a Pod is launched until it's terminated or stopped.

What determines my consumption of Extend Pods?

Consumption depends on the specific implementation of Extend and the frequency of requests made to the Extend app. Extend will do horizontal auto-scale to support increasing player count.

Data Storage Rates

Tier0-10 TB< 40 TB< 450 TB< 500 TB
Price ($) per GB per
Month by Tier

Data Transfer Egress Rates | Price $ per GB per Month by Tier*

Tier0-10 TB< 40 TB< 100 TB< 350 TB< 524 TB< 4PB< 5PB
North America0.1020.0960.0720.0480.0360.0300.024
Europe and Israel0.1020.0960.0720.0480.0360.0300.024
Asia Pacific
(excl. Japan)

*First 1 GB is free.


Pricing for Extend services is subject to change during the open beta phase. We are continuously refining our pricing structure to ensure it meets your needs.