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Extend pricing

Last updated on June 11, 2024

Extend is in Open Beta for AGS Premium Clients! This means that the Extend add-on is available for you to try in your development environment. You can submit your feedback via our Extend Open Beta feedback form.

How is Extend priced?

The total cost of utilizing Extend amounts to the following:

  • $0.198 per app instance hour (regardless of app instance size) + your Data Egress usage

App Instance/Hour

Hosted Extend services run in standardized pods priced at $0.198 per app instance-hrs. The following are the app instance sizes that are available for you to use for each Extend feature:

  1. For Service Extension and Override
    1. CPU: 1400 millicores
    2. Memory: 2400 MB
  2. For Event Handler
    1. CPU: 600 millicores
    2. Memory: 1600 MB

Data Transfer Egress

Data Transfer Egress with fees starting at $0.102 per GB. The data Transfer region is determined based on the origin traffic's region. Following is the data transfer egress rates

Data Transfer Egress Rates | Price $ per GB per Month by Tier*

Tier0-10 TB< 40 TB< 100 TB< 350 TB< 524 TB< 4PB< 5PB
North America0.1020.0960.0720.0480.0360.0300.024
Europe and Israel0.1020.0960.0720.0480.0360.0300.024
Asia Pacific
(excl. Japan)
South America0.1320.1260.1080.0960.0720.060.048
South Africa, Kenya, and Middle East0.1320.1260.1080.0960.0720.0600.048

Grafana Cloud free trial for AGS Starter

AGS Starter customers are eligible for a free trial of Grafana Cloud. The trial period runs from March 18, 2024 at 7:00 AM PDT until April 26, 2024 at 11:59 PM PDT. Note that this offer is exclusive to the first user (within your AGS account) who logs in to Grafana Cloud during the time frame. Only this user will have access to Grafana Cloud throughout the trial period.

To start your free trial, follow these steps:

  1. In the AGS Admin Portal, go to your game namespace.

  2. On the sidebar, under Add-ons, click on Extend and click on any of the Extend features (i.e., Overridable Features, Service Extension, and Event Handler).

  3. Click on an app name to open its details page. At the bottom of the App Detail table, click on the Open Grafana Cloud button. The Grafana sign-in page opens in a new tab.

  4. On the Grafana sign in page, choose the Admin Portal login option and use your AGS credentials to log in. You will be directed to the Grafana Cloud dashboard and your free trial has officially started.

Extend Free Trial for AGS Starter

AGS Starter customers can take advantage of an offering of free trial credits, empowering them to experience the full capabilities of AGS Extend. These credits open the door to an 888-hour free trial of Extend apps instances, along with a substantial 50 GB of egress. Start now!

Pricing FAQ

What is the billing granularity for the Extend app instance?

There is a one-hour minimum charge per app instance. Your hosted Extend usage is calculated by the hour from the time an instance is launched until it's terminated or stopped.

What determines my consumption of the Extend app instance?

Consumption depends on the specific implementation of Extend and the frequency of requests made to the Extend app. Extend will do horizontal auto-scale to support increasing player count.


Pricing for Extend services is subject to change during the open beta phase. We are continuously refining our pricing structure to ensure it meets your needs.